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Waterford, Cork, The Left and Local Elections since 1974 July 28, 2011

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Another bunch of Local Election Results that are currently unavailable online.
For the Left The Waterford City Council results are probably of most interest.
In 1974 Official Sinn Fein polled over 10% of the vote with Paddy Gallagher winning a seat. Then in 1979 Sinn Fein The Workers Party won two seats with almost 20% of the vote. The Socialist Labour Party also fielded candidates.
In 1985 a split in The Workers Party saw a number of candidates stand for the Waterford Peoples Party with Martin O’Reagan being elected for them whilst Davy Walsh and Paddy Gallagher won seats for The Workers Party. Between them the WP and WPP polled over 20% of the vote.
In 1991 The Workers Party won three seats and missed out being the largest party vote wise by a mere 57 votes.
1n 1999 despite the 1992 split the party held on to its 3 seats although its share of the vote was down slightly. 1999 also saw the SWP enter the fray in Waterford.
In 2004 The Workers Party lost a seat with John Halligan romping home on the first count and Davy Walsh holding on too. Their vote dropped from 1999. Again the SWP dipped their toes.
In 2009 with John Halligan now an Independent, Willie Moore missed out by 56 votes. Davy Walsh held on to his seat, whilst Joe Tobin came within 8 votes of winning a seat. PBP fielded a candidate here too.
Another thing about Waterford is the collapse of the Fianna Fail vote in 2004 and 2009 when they only won a single seat in each election.
Should there have been any Left Independent candidates I missed out please do tell.

From Waterford City a scenic drive down the Copper Coast, over the Blackwater past Youghal, through Midleton and on into Cork City.

1974 didn’t see much for the Left in Cork with OSF on just over 5% and no seats.
1979 and Ted Tynan wins a seat for SFWP as they poll just under 5%.
1985 sees Kathleen Lynch and John Kelleher win seats for The Workers Party as the party polls 5.66%. The CPI also stand two candidates.
1991 and The Workers Party vote almost doubles to 9.94% and Jimmy Homan, Kathleen Lynch and John Kelleher win seats.
1999 marked a low point with Jimmy Homan (Lynch and Kelleher defected) losing his seat and The Workers Party not even polling 2%. It also saw Mick Barry of The Socialist Party make his first electoral appearance polling 349 votes.
2004 saw Mick Barry top the poll and the two Workers Party candidates Mick Crowley and Ted Tynan increase the party vote in their wards.
2009 saw Ted Tynan winning a seat for The Workers Party , whilst Mick Barry of The Socialist Party again romped home. The Socialist Party for the first time fielded a second candidate in Cork in Dave Keating who polled 295 votes.

There was a WP presence in East Cork with Joe Sherlock being repeatedly elected to the Council and in Waterford County Tony Wright was elected in Dungarvan and there was a WP presence in Tramore.
In Cork for The Workers Party Leo Owens had a number of spells on Cobh UDC, Tadgh O’Donovan and Tom Phelan had spells on Fermoy UDC, Joe Sherlock on Mallow UDC.(There may well have been others)
In Waterford Tony Wright had a spell on Dungarvan TC (I think the WP also won a seat in the Údarás na Gaeltachta elections for the Ring Gaeltacht at some point in the 80s).
Anyhow ….
These are excel files.

Cork City Council 1974 to 2009

Cork Cork County Council 1960 to 2009
Apologies in that the 1967 results are incomplete (if you happen to have them….)
Waterford City Council 1974 to 2009

Waterford County Council 1974 to 2009
(There are a few gaps for Waterford County Council for 1979, would love the results if you have them)

and these are links to posts with excel files…
Other results to date posted Here (Cavan, Carlow, Clare) and Here (Dublin City and County)


1. WorldbyStorm - July 28, 2011

Amazing stuff. Waterford’s left history is remarkable and definitely not analysed as much as it should be.


2. Michael Hickey - June 12, 2012

Not sure if it gives you all you want but the results of the 1979 Local elections for Waterford County Council may be found in the Dungarvan Leader of 15 June 1979 that is available in the newspaper archive of that paper on the Waterford County Council Library website at:-

Click to access DUNGARVAN_LEADER_06_JUN_15.PDF


irishelectionliterature - June 12, 2012

Thanks for that Michael


3. Mark P - June 12, 2012

What was the Waterford People’s Party split about?


irishelectionliterature - June 12, 2012

According to The Lost Revolution it was partly to do with WP members taking different sides in an inter union docks dispute.


Mark P - June 12, 2012

Thanks for that.


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