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This Weekend I’ll mostly be listening to… Eleven tracks for the Summer. July 30, 2011

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Culture, This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

My comdrade IELB’s post appears to have gone MIA, no doubt we’ll see it next week, so here’s a few tracks that I’ve been listening to recently. Some are new, some are old and some are in-between. If there’s a common thread to them I can’t tell you what it is. Perhaps electronica/dance, but I’m listening to other stuff too so if the tilt is towards that then that’s simply because these tracks sum up the Summer better for me…


1 Photek – Closer

Drum and bass legend returns. The bass – the bass… wow! This isn’t the full version, which is well worth a listen, but it gives a sense of the track.

2 Apparat – Black Water
One of the best tracks I’ve heard all Summer, in the electronica area. Emotive, nostalgic. You can download this free from Soundcloud, but I’d recommend getting the album when it comes out soon.

3 Danny Daze You’re Everything

Actually, the bass – the bass… redux! Sadly the longer version has been pulled from YouTube I see. So here’s a shorter one.

4 O Children – Fault Line

I mentioned these guys before, but… I’m still really enjoying their album which for anything contemporary that’s a traditional guitar based group is a bit of a surprise. That said perhaps there’s no surprise at all as it’s easy enough to triangulate their sound, somewhere between goth, Joy Division, post punk. Very post punk in parts.

5 Kavinsky – Wayfarer

French electrohouse filtered through dodgy 1980s TV theme songs and with an added hint of John Carpenter. What’s not to like?

6 Toro Y Mio Still Sound

Now this is poppy. But check out the comments on YouTube complaining about hipsters. Who cares?

7 Ital Tek – Cyclical

Electronica with a hint of something a tad 1992 about this, which works for me.

8 The Milk Monitors- Kick Start

There’s a story behind this. Back in 1989 I picked the MM’s ‘Revenge’ EP up in Freebird second hand. It’s raw garage rock with a faint inflection of the more trash side of goth. Anyhow, I’d listen to it every once in a while because of the sheer energy that underpins the riff. In more recent years it became a sort of litmus test to see what was making it onto YouTube or more widely. It never did, that is until a couple of months ago. So that’s it, I figure everything, however obscure, will soon be there.

9 Mirror People

Cover of the old Love and Rockets track by Monster Magnet vs Adrian Young. This is taken from an interesting album of Love and Rocket’s covers.

10 Covenant – Beat the noise

Featured some years back on the This Weekend I’ll Be… Covenant have been through a line-up change and dirtied up their sound to some degree shifting it from smooth EMB/Futurepop to something a lot grittier. I’m not 100 per cent convinced, but this, this I like.

11 Bob Mould – City Lights (Days Go By) – Morel Pink Noise Remix

Two brilliant singers/songwriters who have worked together for quite some years now. Morel will be known to some as a producer and member of Deep Dish. This is in its own way to me not dissimilar to Apparat, not so much in the sound as in the mood it evokes. This is also available as a download from various sources on the net.


1. Dr. X - July 30, 2011

I’m beginning to suspect he does this on purpose, to annoy me personally. . .


2. WorldbyStorm - July 30, 2011

Okay, that I admit is funny!


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