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This Weekend I’ll Be Mostly Listening To ….. Brittle Stars August 6, 2011

Posted by irishelectionliterature in This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

More stuff from the quiet side this week with Brittle Stars.
Brittle Stars were a US band from  that were only around briefly (1997 to 2000 or so) before splitting (I resisted saying the obvious in that ‘they shone briefly’). They reunited for one show in 2008.
I’m a sucker for quiet melodic almost garage sounding bands and then add some sweet sounding female vocals on top and I’m hooked.
It was through their cover of the OMD song ‘Souvenir’ that they first came to my attention.
After that I know nothing of them except they’re good 🙂
You’ll find a few more of their songs here and an interview here
The music in the video here for Souveneir stops at 3.25 and is followed by two minutes of silence, so it’s not worth while waiting to see if there’s a hidden track. That said some of you may prefer the silence!


1. Martin conneely - August 6, 2011

Good discovery – the singer has a lovely Sarah Records voice.


WorldbyStorm - August 6, 2011


Definitely very Sarah Records. The cover of Souvenir is lovely.


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