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Enough of our leftism… here’s the most worthwhile blog ever… September 17, 2011

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Crisps, Culture.

…seriously. I wish I’d thought up this idea. It’s crispy genius…

Ah crisps… crisps, of course, but crunchy snacks, tortillas, cheezels, onion rings… pretzels [indeed anything like pretzels is good] whatever…

There are health implications. Fats, various. And salts. Much.

My favourites would be these three… first up… these from Walkers. A low fat option, healthy you see. So although they’re a bit dry and the vinegar versions are a bit sharp they’re safer!

Then a great off license standby…[Bacon Fries are also good, but these are better]…

And then these…from Marks and Spencers…black pepper is good.

But there’s more, of course. If you want pop corn, Perri’s is your only man…it’s the pack on the extreme right nestled behind the Onion Rings which are also excellent – if you like that kind of thing…

Aldi have a good range in crunchy crisps but they only come in Cheese and Onion, but would be fantastic in salt and vinegar. Speaking of which, check out these Balance crisps which are also not bad either but particularly good in their Salt and Vinegar incarnation.

The best crisps I ever ate were in Crete back in the mid 1990s, they were Oregano flavoured which sounds challenging no doubt to some but worked out well. I don’t know if these are they, but they are Greek oregano crisps so that fits the bill…

And finally, for your basic good crisps Kings pub crisps are the way to go… a bit salty mind, but a real treat once in a while.

There’s more of course… and I’m not doing any justice to the subject, but read the Crisps blog and you will find many treasures.


1. Gearóid - September 17, 2011

Great stuff. I haven’t eaten a packet of Chickatees in years.


WorldbyStorm - September 17, 2011

I did a year or two back…. Hmmmm.


2. Tomboktu - September 17, 2011

Don’t eat them. But was glad to see that the brand which has been in the news recently for other reasons and which Will St Leger has wonderfully taken the piss out of here didn’t feature

Satire on a recent crisp advert


WorldbyStorm - September 17, 2011

Great deconstruction of that ad.

Re Hunky Dory’s, not a fan. Too greasy…


irishelectionliterature - September 17, 2011
3. irishelectionliterature - September 17, 2011

wbs, they’re running a competition at the minute, you have to do a review of your favourite crisp to be in with a chance to win.


4. Dr. X - September 17, 2011

Does anyone remember those ‘Captain Crunch’ crisps that were marketed with a sci-fi theme?

Jumpers for goalposts. Et cetera.


WorldbyStorm - September 17, 2011

Vaguely… It certainly rings a bell.


5. Drithleóg - September 18, 2011

Have you tried Kelly’s “Chips” ? They’re from Austria


6. Mikeovswinton - September 18, 2011

Walkers crisps, eh. There was a time when their cheese n onion were not acceptable for vegetarians (because of the rennet used in the Cheese, I believe), but their Prawn Cocktail (maybe that should be “Prawn Cocktail”) were. Happy days.


7. Terry McDermott - September 19, 2011

What about Chipsticks, Snax and Rancheros?


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