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Saudi Arabia: Executing Witches in 2011 December 13, 2011

Posted by Garibaldy in Reaction, Religion.

Unbelievable news on the BBC website that Saudi Arabia has executed a woman for “witchcraft and sorcery” by beheading. That’s the second person executed there for witchcraft this year, the other one being a Sudanese man. As in the past, it seems people at the margins of society are being victimised by the forces of social conservatism and religious reaction using witchcraft. I am so glad that the leading democracies in the world, who have been spending so much money and blood on bringing democracy to places it is lacking keep such a close eye on Saudi Arabia, and are doubtless planning to act on this as we speak.


1. fenpom39 - December 13, 2011

Usually in a muslim country like Saudi Arabia the person likely does not believe in Islam. She probably was a Christian or another religion. They will kill you if you a muslim and you convert to another religion.


2. Paul - December 13, 2011

No doubt the leading democracies are planning to do just that, but only after they have dealt with the attacks on protestors in Bahrain.


3. soubresauts - December 14, 2011

So when the Pope met King Abdulaziz in 2007 (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7080327.stm) maybe their talks were more about how to get rid of “sorcerers” and other miscreants, rather than human rights such as women being able to walk down the street on their own (not to mind protesting).


4. soubresauts - December 14, 2011

Sorry, the man’s name is Abdullah rather than Abdulaziz.

And he’s supposed to be some sort of “reformer”, ha!


5. How Do You Prove Someone’s a Witch in Saudi Arabia? | The Roman Gate - December 19, 2011

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