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Protesters’ Stories in the Guardian January 14, 2012

Posted by Garibaldy in media.

The Guardian has a number of accounts from protesters around the globe over the past few years. They’re uneven, but might be worth a look.


1. Starkadder - January 15, 2012

Thanks for that. I especially liked the one about
the guy who pied Murdoch:

Prison veered between very interesting and mind-numbingly dull. I met some fascinating people, many of whom I hope I never meet again. After I was sentenced, I was advised, “Don’t tell them who you are and what you’ve done” but I’d just been on the news and as I arrived on E wing, the prisoners shouted, “Pieman!” I thought, “This isn’t going to be easy” but people patted me on the back and shook my hand.


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