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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Some of my musical regrets (the Vinyl years)… January 21, 2012

Posted by irishelectionliterature in This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

There was a time when sometimes all you could do was judge an album by its cover. There was no internet to hear samples of artists, no illegal downloads (although home taping was killing music) and there were plenty of artists you’d never hear on the radio never mind see on the television.
A review in the NME , Metal Hammer or Hot Press was another guide, there were certain record labels too that you’d trust and of course there was having heard some of the bands other material.
yet …. Sometimes though you’d buy with none of the above only the cover….
The thing was that there was some awful dross in the house, and with the one record player all the albums were together. So my stuff and my younger brothers stuff (we both had good musical taste) was in with the some of my older brother and sisters horrors… and there were some horrors. Christopher Cross, Countless Chris De Burgh albums, Lionel Ritchie, Dire Straights (how I hated ‘Brothers in Arms’), Queen (still despise them), The Bee Gees, Leo Sayer and more….
That was before you added in piles of records my father brought back a few times from London. They all had a corner or a line sawn off the sleeve. They included joys such as the best of Kiki Dee, Average White Band, Top of the Pops Albums and a type of album of covers of hits that you could only buy in Woolworths…. and he thought he was doing us a favour!!
We were too cool for all that and it was all Thin Lizzy, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, AC/DC and so on, along with Irish bands such as Something Happens,Auto Da Fe, A House, The Fat Lady Sings, Stars of Heaven , Blue in Heavan and Light a Big Fire.

So whats the selection of records that I regret buying?
Some of it like ‘Clea and McCleod’ (never trusted Go Discs since) thankfully have nothing on youtube. Others I never took with me when I moved out and can’t remember…

So anyway the selection….
First off its Molly Hatchet and ‘Fall of the peacemakers’ from their “No Guts … No Glory” LP. Its actually an ok song but the rest of the album is dreadful, not only that but it was an awful pain having to move the needle to track 3 each time you wanted to play the album.Invariably it got scratched.

Then its “Freddies Revenge” from Killer Watts ‘Death EP’. They were one of the first Irish Speed Metal bands to release a record , I bought it and well it was crap. I tried to listen to it, to like it but I really couldn’t.

I loved Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden ,Motorhead and other British Metal bands so I figured I’d give Saxon a try and bought their LP ‘Saxon’. Sure it was hardly metal at all! a big disappointment.

Another British Metal band were ‘Gun ‘ from Scotland and their Taking on the World album. Hyped considerably, for me anyway the album disappointed.
Then yesterday I was reminded by my Brother of Paul Youngs ‘No Parlez’ which I was convinced an older sibling had bought but it must have been me! To think I left Paul Youngs version of “Love Will Tear Us Apart” out of the recent bad cover versions post.
Another one that I nearly forgot was the Brush Shiels album. Had seen him live and thought he was great (must have been the drink), so went out and bought the album. Awful stuff.
The funny thing is that I get a bit nostalgic listening to the below and I’m thinking that maybe they’re not that bad, but the albums were!!


1. LeftAtTheCross - January 21, 2012

Sorry for this IEL but at the time I was seduced by the cover of Black Sabbath’s “We Sold Our Souls for Rock’n’Roll” in the bargain bin of Golden Discs and absolutely and totally hated it. However, with the wisdom of passing years, and having swapped it mere weeks after buying it in Freebird records on Grafton St (for the Ramones “Rocket to Russia” if I recall correctly), I downloaded it last year (don’t tell the SOPA police) and have really got into it now, despite hating heavy metal with a passion otherwise. My 13 yr old son is also a fan, having learnt the riffs from “Paranoid” and “Iron Man” on his, eh, axe(?). So, eventually, no regrets.

There was also an album “Shades in Bed” by The Records. Not great now.

And the Comsat Angels “Sleep No More”…which actually isn’t bad some 30 years later.

Best blind buy ever had to be Killing Joke’s first album.

But isn’t the internet great all the same, saves all that waste.


LeftAtTheCross - January 21, 2012

I may have been harsh about The Records. “Starry Eyes” is quite a catchy tune:


2. WorldbyStorm - January 21, 2012

Brilliant idea IELB.

+1 IELB re Queen. Not heavy metal, not pop, urghhh… It’s not even Mercury who is most irritating, though he is, as much as the three bozos behind him [and this is tough for me to say because Brian May has done some good work in becoming a qualified astronomer, which in my book is always a good thing]. I’m still kind of fond of Saxon in a way though.

We Sold our Souls is a great great record. As is Killing Joke. And that’s funny about Comsat Angels LATC. I first got that in the mid 1980s on vinyl and found it tough going, and vastly preferred their next album, whose name escapes me, but years later found it more and more interesting.

Anyhow, Vinyl regrets, or Vinyl dissolution [sorry]… Erm… so many, but these spring to mind most immediately…

Monument by an awful sub Gothic/mainstream US band called Mary My Hope. Tried to listen to it again recently and had to delete the MP3s.

A Models album [an Australian outfit] from 1986 – one good track, one half good track, one whole heap of dreck otherwise.

Got a Mood Six album – The Difference Is… which was unlistenable.

A later TV Smith solo album where I swear I’m still trying to find a melody.

The Motors. Yuch. I’ll give them Tenement Steps.

Siglo XX, a probably unknown Belgian or Dutch gothic band [though the problem is some of tracks are entertaining for their sheer gothness, sample track names ‘The Pain Came’, ‘Sorrow and Pain’, ‘Lost in Violence’, ‘My Sister Called Silence’].

Metal provides a rich seam. Some of the Hawkwind comps, particularly Friends and Relations were pretty grim. Like I love them, but… not everything by the Inner City Unit or Bob Calvert was genius like.

It’s really true what you say IELB. It was a big risk buying stuff back in the day. For all the gems there was no end of rubbish.


anarchaeologist - January 21, 2012

What are you on about? The Motors were great!


WorldbyStorm - January 21, 2012

Love and Loneliness… I’ll say no more. 🙂


3. Phil - January 21, 2012

That Paul Young cover is a classic of its kind – sheer aural torture (and I didn’t even leave it on long enough for the vocal to come in).

Queen were pop/rock (pop/prog to begin with) – quite a big genre when they started, but by 1977 they had it pretty much to themselves. I still like them – their earlier, funny records, at least – but I was never a metaller.

Can’t think of any horrible regrets offhand, but I do remember vividly the feeling of taking a record home from the shop & wondering what it was going to sound like. Hard to do now!


WorldbyStorm - January 21, 2012

I remember that too. It was a good feeling. Anticipation was an huge part of enjoyment of music, and one other thing was that I know back then I’d listen to songs individually much much more often than I do now. Not necessarily more forensically, but definitely much more…


4. Phil - January 21, 2012

And please, not the Fields of Athenry. I’m English, with no Irish connections whatsoever, and even I’m sick of the sound of it. (See also <a href="http://mudcat.org/thread.cfm?threadid=111875"this thread.)


5. Phil - January 21, 2012

Urk. This thread?


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