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Enda Kennys “We All Partied” Moment ? January 26, 2012

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Among the many things that spelt the death knell for the last government was Brian Lenihans statement

“Let’s be fair about this – we all partied”

Viewable here

Then we had this today from Enda Kenny

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has blamed Ireland’s “spectacular” economic crash on a “mad borrowing” frenzy.

“What happened in our country was that people simply went mad borrowing,” Mr Kenny told a meeting at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

“The extent of personal credit, personal wealth created on credit was done between people and banks – a system that spawned greed to a point where it just went out of control completely with a spectacular crash.”

He gives the impression that the whole country went mad borrowing for the sake of it.
But like many of you I had to borrow to buy an overpriced home. It may have been ‘mad’ but we had to have somewhere to live.
Like the vast majority I didn’t buy an investment property either. I didn’t drive a new car (Indeed we’re a one car family) , go on mad holidays , have flat screen televisions in every room and so on.

At least I’m in Dublin (close to family) , unlike some of my friends and relatives stuck down the country with a big mortgage and a property worth less than half what they paid for it.

Needless to say its those that got little or nothing from the boom that are amongst those now suffering the most from the “austerity”.


1. Oireachtas Retort - January 26, 2012

It’s still a good time to buy though right?


WorldbyStorm - January 26, 2012

If the Sunday Independent says so it must be true 😉


sngr (@LiquidPaddy) - January 27, 2012

Two Legs Baaad, Four Legs Good!!!


WorldbyStorm - January 27, 2012

It sure feels that way.

Funnily enough IELB I had the thought reading it that Kenny had lostbth run if himself, but I think you may well be right, this could be a defining moment and no least because it’s simply wrong that ‘we all’ etc etc


2. make do and mend - January 27, 2012

Horse bolted. Enda decides to close the door. Opens up a can of worms?

I don’t exactly remember Enda, or any FG bigshots for that matter, giving out continually in the media about the so-called borrowing madness prior to 2007/8. They were a pretty silent bunch, and it seemed pretty envious of FF-PD policies

Maybe they were too busy speculating on property to have the time to point out the debt foibles of us ordinary citizens, and they’re never going to blame the various masters of the universe as they now rank among their number. Davos how are ye.


WorldbyStorm - January 27, 2012

Too true. And just on those lines neither did the IMF, ECB etc… Wasn’t the FF government a poster child for a brand of economic policies?

Now if Kenny turned around to the people at Davos and said ‘we here all partied, and we’re still partying’, now that might be a lot more appropriate.


3. ivorthorne - January 27, 2012

Social welfare is a lifestyle choice, emigration is a good thing, we all went mad, we all partied and there is no alternative.


4. fergal - January 27, 2012

So we all went mad borrowing……..and we’re currenmtly borrrowing billions of the IMF-ECB to solve our poroblems


Oireachtas Retort - January 28, 2012

Nothing to do with solving the problem sadly


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6. Eagle - January 27, 2012

In fairness, Lenihan was speaking on an Irish program to an Irish journalist. Enda Kenny was talking to people who give greedy a bad name at a convention of the world’s richest people.

This is a dismissable offense.


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8. dilettante - January 28, 2012

Wish one of these FF/FGers had’ve told me when and where all this partying was going on!
Probably on the south side 🙂


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