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Dublin’s Fair City 1988 January 31, 2012

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Thanks to Ronan Mooney for pointing this out in a comment.

Here’s a link for a video about Dublin for the 1988 Dublin millennium celebrations. More detail in the video description on YouTube. The old footage might be of some interest to people here.

Some great old footage, photos and Dublin History too.

The video Description

A video presentation of Dublin in it’s 1,000th year in 1988.

A video produced by Michael Mooney (my late father) & funded by Philips Electronics Ireland to showcase their new ‘VidiWall’ technology. It was narrated by a man named Lar Redmond and the soundtrack was composed by two gentleman named Paul Murphy & Barry Grace (Ear Two Ear). Photographic work was done by Arthur Browne.

It was shown in St. Andrew’s Church on St. Andrew’s Street, Dublin 2 for some months to celebrate Dublin’s millennium status. It was a very popular tourist attraction.

Dublin was a very different city in 1988. Pay particular notice to the differences in the helicopter aerial footage at the beginning of the video of Dublin’s Docklands from the Dublin we know in 2012. It brings very nostalgic feelings for me and I hope it does for you too!

My father was very proud of his hard work to make this video, as were his wife & children. I hope it’ll be a fun video for you to watch now.


1. steven adams - September 24, 2012

well well well i am so happy i have seen this video the footage at the start is amazing i remember being brough from dominick street to ringsend every sunday to my grandmothers house my dad walked the legs of me as we didnt have any money for bus fare so we went straigth down the docks all the way to ringsend i loved them walks and all the boats that were there each week i loved dublin back then i dont like what they have done to our beuitful city now its a shame our history is all gone for terrible buildings that you would not give a second look to i am so greatful to you for putting this movie up and your father too god bless you


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