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The Wealth Gap February 3, 2012

Posted by irishelectionliterature in British Politics, Inequality.

Quite an interesting documentary series on BBC World Service called The Wealth Gap. Available to listen to here

As the wealth gap widens, are the super-rich to blame? Michael Robinson investigates.

There is a good accompanying piece by Michael Robinson with some figures, charts etc which begins

Until protestors took to the streets last year, first in New York and then in financial centres across the world, inequality had been a low-key issue.
Not any more.

With the political temperature rising, a stream of new analysis is revealing how sharply inequality has been growing.


1. Cass Flower - February 3, 2012

Marx was right.


EWI - February 3, 2012

I’m unfamiliar with nearly all of what Marx might have said, so I’d appreciate a little more explanation.

The second quote (which I’ve read before from Krugman and Duncan Black) is very true. You’ll note that the glibertarian right have quit mocking about how the US occupy movement had no aims – well, this crucial aim explicitly existed, and they certainly achieved it.


2. Tomboktu - February 4, 2012

Thanks for posting those links.


3. The One Percent | JHNConnect - February 9, 2012

[…] The Wealth Gap (cedarlounge.wordpress.com) Share this: […]


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