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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week February 5, 2012

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

Today, the Sindo offers us the wailing of the NAMA-oppressed developers. Hilarious.

Marc Coleman stands up for Catholic morality in the face of those who would lay it low with their greed.

Funny also how Eamon Gilmore solemnly told us that we need to “honour agreements” with public sector unions. Just after tearing up agreements made with voters about the promissory notes/third-level fees/children’s allowance (I could go on). But then where Catholic morality calls for treating all citizens the same, Labour’s ethic seems to be a secular North Korean one where proles exist merely to serve the party elites and army.

James Fitzsimmons on the reasons that the Irish government is now a puppet of the troika.

In less than a generation the pension timebomb will explode. The real problems are covered up by the fact that we are in the worst financial crisis ever. While those in the public sector are being wrapped in cotton wool the rest have been left to fend for themselves. The public sector early retirement should be scrapped and we should start all over again. But those who are paid to deal with these issues should make the decisions even if they are not popular. If this had been tackled four years ago we would be a lot better off now. And we wouldn’t be relinquishing our sovereignty to the EU.

So it’s the pensions that have produced bankruptcy. Funny coincidence that it happened at the same time as the endless amounts of cash poured down the black hole of private sector banks. I’m glad the Sindo is there to point out that that is all it was – a coincidence and not a cause. Otherwise we might have the wrong idea.


1. EWI - February 5, 2012

Is it true that Mrs. Aengus Fanning has now taken over the reins?


Garibaldy - February 5, 2012

There was a story confirming that. Wasn’t she the deputy editor or something anyway?


EWI - February 5, 2012

And Harris’ ex, Fanning’s new one, mother to a couple of Sindo “journalists” as well?


WorldbyStorm - February 5, 2012
EWI - February 6, 2012

It is an ass that has seen off the Provos, Eamon Dunphy and various other assorted scumbags. It is, dare I say it, an ass with experience. It is a wonderful ass, an ass that explains why people like Phoenix accuse the people who work in this paper of being a bunch of ass-kissers.

Clearly, if visiting the Sindo offices you need to be wary of the mind-alering drugs they obviously lace the water supply with.


NollaigO - February 6, 2012

Thanks for the link to that rabid writing, WbS.

It’s another typical contribution from that cabal of fourth rate smartasses!

On a related point:
What is Sunday Independent Stupid Statement doing wrong?
Why has CLR not evoked the demented attacks that Phoenix gets?
Maybe we should ask madam and her ex about the 1965 dare
that went fatally wrong?


Oireachtas Retort - February 5, 2012

Constance Harris yes, Two of Fanning’s sons also and think Ballsy is an inlaw somewhere in there.


Paddy M - February 5, 2012

Ballsy is married to Sarah Caden, who is the daughter of John Caden, old pal of Senator Harris.


2. Antiest - February 5, 2012

John Paul McCarthy has an interesting take on the Fiscal Compact and the possibility of a referendum. Leaving aside the red-bashing and idiocy about the Left, his comments about ‘counter-majoritarians’ in the US Supreme Court is an interesting insight into the siege mentality of the ruling class.


Antiest - February 5, 2012
gabbagabbahey - February 5, 2012

of course, using the German constitutional court as an example instead would be to close to the bone… or suggesting that referring the bill to the Irish Supreme Court might serve an equivalent function of ‘counter-majoritarianism’ (which isn’t what supreme courts are about, they’re supposed to defend and/or interpret the constitution, and its integrity, regardless of whether a popular majority does or does not hold a certain view)

gotta love the fawning over Varadkar’s “subtle” “insights”, although I’m of my mind to agree with a lot of the idea anyway – referendums make sense when they can effect change and are on accessible topics, which previous EU referendums haven’t really been. the fiscal compact, however, is something worth making a stand on and a case where Irish decision-making is probably faster and more efficient than EU summit talks.


Michael Carley - February 5, 2012

He has also accused Joe Higgins of faking intoxication in Dail Eireann.

As for this:

Higgins obviously never bothered to dig into the rich American intellectual tradition that has been trying to synthesise this kind of counter-majoritarian rule with basic democratic values since the court awoke from its slumber in 1803.

Has he never heard of Carrie Buck?


3. CL - February 5, 2012

At least Colm McCarthy got something right.

“The measurement of structural deficits is more or less impossible and the inclusion of an un-measurable concept in an international treaty is a reckless piece of drafting.’-

The estimate of the ‘structural’ deficit will be a political decision made by technocratic ideologues. Basing economic policy, including taxation and expenditure policy, on this nonsense is madness.


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