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The week in disability – three random notes March 16, 2012

Posted by Tomboktu in Crazed nonsense....

The last week saw me come into contact with disability issues a few times. In among the sadly still-routine points about the need for changes in policy and practice were three WTF moments.

First the mildest WTF moment: at a conference on Thursday, Dr Anne Lodge summarised research that found that academics dismiss the attainments of students in third level who are provided with resaonable disabilities.

Second, I had a meeting with a woman who has a mobility disability. She told me that sometimes when she is asked what happened to her, she pretends that she had an accident. She notices that when she does that, she is treated differently, less patronised, as if she were less disabled, than when she says she has had her disability since birth. [The latter is true].

And then somebody drew my attention to the new organisation chart for the Department of Education and Skills, required in part by the promotion of one of the Assistant Secretaries in the last few weeks. In the small print is a new title for Special Education Section: “Special Education Including Special Education Litigation”. Seriously guys, you need to provide the services at a level and in a way so there is no need for a section that needs to have “Special Education Litigation” in its title.


1. WorldbyStorm - March 16, 2012

That woman’s story is very depressing. What is the psychology behind the responses to her do you think?


2. ivorthorne - March 17, 2012

I look forward to the day when Irish people will look back with shame on these times. People talk about the laundries and the industrial schools as though that era of our history has passed. It hasn’t, at least not for many people with disabilities. In the years to come, when the truth comes out, we’ll all claim ignorance, but in reality, people don’t want to know about those with disabilities because they don’t.recognise them as full citizens.


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