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Its Rovers and Bohs .. March 30, 2012

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Tonight will see Shamrock Rovers entertain Bohemians in Tallaght (Live on RTE2) for their first league clash of the season.(they already met in the Leinster Senior Cup with Rovers winning on penalties)
Last week in front of over 5,000 Rovers took on old Ringsend Rivals Shelbourne winning 4- 0, amongst the crowd was President Micheal D. Higgins. Must say its nice to see the President attending League of Ireland matches, despite his Galway United team no longer being in the league.
Bohs have yet to win in Tallaght, something they came perilously close to doing in the Leinster Senior cup. So aside from the rivalry there’s that record for Rovers to hold on to.

Over the past few years the tables have turned with Rovers now top dogs in the league where Bohs had dominance for a number of years. At this stage Bohs should have been playing in a brand new stadium in Harristown with tens of millions in the bank. Instead that deal fell through and  instead they are heavily in debt and field a fairly inexperienced team. Bohs have yet to score and lie bottom of the table on a point , although they have had a tough start with games against  Shels, Derry, Pats and Sligo. So as you can imagine confidence is high in Tallaght …. but when we were bust and the year in the First Division we managed to get results against a far superior Bohs outfit.

So I’m in the strange position of actually expecting a win, normally you’d hope for a win! That’s the thing about Rovers now , expectation. I still think last seasons European exploits will be hard to emulate and what I’ve seen so far new manager Stephen Kennys style is not as suited to European football as Michael O’Neills teams were. Still there’s an expectation to win games and an expectation to win the league. All of which is a bit odd to the likes of myself who is still in dreamland about where we are after being so close to going out of existence.


1. sonofstan - March 30, 2012

but when we were bust and the year in the First Division we managed to get results against a far superior Bohs outfit.

Well, once when you were in the first division, but hardly a ‘far superior Bohs team’ – that was the tail end of the dismal Farrelly era when we finished 8th in the prem and you were 1st div champs.

Good game tonight. The kids performed better than some much more expensive Bohs teams of recent years have out in that cradle of filth.

And not a peep out of youse till you scored.


irishelectionliterature - March 30, 2012

During that cup run as a First Division side I’m pretty sure that the team Rovers had was weaker due to players being cup tied (something to do with the turnover of players under Scully). As you can imagine that night in Dalymount was one of the seasons highlights . “Garreth Farrelly hes a Hoop, Hes a Hoop etc etc”
Tonight Rovers were all passing and no penetration for long periods. Bohs were very well organised (You’re in big trouble if Heary ever gets injured, hes still class and was giving instructions to the kids all night) and in the end you were unlucky not to get the late equaliser.
Thank God for Twigg.


sonofstan - March 31, 2012

Sorry about the ‘cradle of filth’ bit earlier – shouldn’t post straight after a defeat😦


EamonnCork - March 31, 2012

Bohs were more than decent in The Showgrounds too and are in a very false position at the moment so fear not. We’re looking fairly good at the moment too and are probably at least as strong as last season. Time will tell whether this is strong enough. Twigg is a marvel, I don’t think there’s another player in the league who’s so absolutely central to his team’s fortunes. Which is why I’ll be sticking a few more pins into that kilted wax doll after finishing this post. Also nice to Drogheda doing well with such a swashbuckling you score one we’ll score one attitude. Always liked them.


irishelectionliterature - April 1, 2012

@sos no worries have plenty of complementy names for dalymount too.

the next few games will tell us more about bohs.


2. soubresauts - March 31, 2012

It’s amazing how often the words “it’s” and “its” are misspelled on this website.


ejh - April 1, 2012

Send them this.


3. Niall - March 31, 2012

@ IEL There is of course the little matter of approx €2M Shamrock Rovers stole in unpaid taxes, grant money used to pay wages rather than for capital works etc.

I won’t even mention the approx. six different companies through which Shamrock Rovers traded through in the past 20 years, each leaving substantial debts in its wake.

There is just one League of Ireland club which has never arisen phoenix like from the ashes, repudiating its tax debts, Bohemians.

It is of course ironic that the discussion following this one is on taxation!


Dr.Nightdub - April 1, 2012

To rise from the ashes, Bohs would first have had to acknowledge that there was even a fire. Instead, they concentrated on trying to sell the same bit of real estate to multiple property developers.

Now, they’re left with memories, the LoI equivalent of an austerity programme and self-deprecating irony about “We’re gonna score in a minute.”


sonofstan - April 1, 2012

Everyone acknowledges there was a fire, Doc.

There is no one left on the board from the previous insanity and the last AGM was so sane and unanimous it was positively boring.

The least you could do is leave us our irony.


Dr.Nightdub - April 1, 2012

Fair enough, it took Special K a couple of years to cop on as well at Pats. Having had two years of sackcloth, ashes and Jeff Kenna, I feel your pain…


4. ejhorton - April 1, 2012

Still, they could be Rangers.


5. sonofstan - April 1, 2012

Louis Kilcoyne died today.

*Bites tongue*


irishelectionliterature - April 1, 2012

I think I’ll bite my tongue too.
Not sorry he’s gone, but wouldn’t be gloating either.


sonofstan - April 1, 2012

I tend towards the ‘not great men’ theory of history, so I’m not sure how much LK was an agent or merely a symptom of the near destruction of the league here. Probably pointless to speculate what the LoI would look like if Rovers were still in D4.


6. sonofstan - April 7, 2012

Still there’s an expectation to win games and an expectation to win the league.



irishelectionliterature - April 7, 2012

Hard to know what to say, It really looked a case of the Emperor having no clothes last night.
Whats worse Kenny didn’t seem to have the brains to really change anything. Pats targetted Killian Brennan at left back and I think 4 of the goals came from that side…… 5 minutes left and 5-1 down Kenny brings on Powell for Brennan!!
Hopefully the kick in the arse the team and Kenny needed.
congrats on the Bohs result too😦


EamonnCork - April 7, 2012

Brennan was an odd choice at left back and the problem was compounded by the fact that Dennehy, who for all his qualities is hardly a tenacious defender, was in front of him. Perhaps everyone has failed to realise the loss which Sullivan and Stevens, who I thought were two of your best three players last season, represent in the full-back slots.
Then again Pats were terrific. If you look at their starting eleven they have as many good players as anyone. They were 14/1 to win the league yesterday morning. They won’t be at the price for the rest of the season and will go very close. Th


EamonnCork - April 7, 2012

Not wanting to give you any hints or anything but Greene was brilliant at left-back for us last year and it looked his best position. Powell, on the other hand, looked totally bereft of confidence.
Bias aside, it is good to see an open title race developing. The anticipated procession didn’t really fit with the fact that things have been very close over the past few years. I don’t think there is any obviously superior side this season either.


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