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At the National Convention Centre this afternoon March 31, 2012

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Economy, European Politics, Irish Politics, The Left.

Good march, good protest, good turnout, and as said in comments elsewhere, looked like substantially more than 5000 but perhaps a touch less than 10k, at least by the time the NCC was arrived at.

Here’s what the IT was saying during it…

Harry McGee:
Aternoon session begins as thousands of anti-household tax protesters gather outside the National Convention Centre. I can’t remember such a large rally outside any national conference of any party.

Interesting to measure that against the media response subsequently.

Here’s a few photos…


1. LeftAtTheCross - March 31, 2012

Great turn out from around the state at that today, fantastic to see the commitment of people coming back up to Dublin for the second saturday in a row, and an even bigger turn out at the protest at the FG Ard Fheis today than at the rally in the National Stadium last saturday.

With this momntum behind the campaign, and whatever about the final details of the numbers who have and haven’t registered and/or paid, at most it’s going to be 50:50, you’d wonder will the government kick the Household Charge to touch for a few months by extending the registration deadline, just to get it out off the media radar in the run up to the referendum on the Austerity Treaty? Do a Dubcek and send Hogan off to do some forestry inspections or something for a while?

PS: WbS, good to see you again today. We need Conor McCabe to hurry up and write that follow-on book so we can have another book launch evening like that last one 🙂


WorldbyStorm - March 31, 2012


And likewise.


2. sonofstan - March 31, 2012

I suspect that may be the last government party AF in the Convention Centre – or anywhere in central Dublin – for a while.


3. shea - March 31, 2012

saw a phil hogan look alike get chased which was funny though probably not for him. alot of speeches.


CMK - March 31, 2012

Will Phil Hogan outfits and masks be available for Halloween?


4. Drithleóg - March 31, 2012

There was also a lot of activity from campaigners around the country. People handed out leaflets at town halls and in town and city centres across the country and were heartened by news of the big turnout in Dublin.


5. Tawdy - April 1, 2012

I have said earlier in another post.

When one man/woman says no, it scares them, when hundredsof thousands say no, it terrifies them!


6. Alan (@AlanRouge) - April 1, 2012

I can’t remember such a large rally of its kind that wasn’t organised via unions. Unions (ie. the beards) came in for some hefty booing yesterday.


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