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Encapsulating some of the difficulties Fianna Fail face . April 6, 2012

Posted by irishelectionliterature in Fianna Fáil.

Last Thursday morning Fianna Fail senator Averil Power appeared on Pat Kennys radio show to talk about Phil Hogans meeting with Michael Lowry a few days after the Moriarty Tribunal findings…. and quite reasonably, how Lowry was able to get a meeting with Hogan and The Priory Hall residents, despite protesting outside the Dail every Tuesday, have yet to get even 5 minutes with Hogan.
The resulting interview encapsulated the difficulties Fianna Fail will face for years trying to raise relevant issues.
Kenny let her dig her own grave and then pounced … a few times.

Well worth a listen.


1. Oireachtas Retort - April 6, 2012

A self-made cul de sac down every road.

Beyond shouting they’re as bent as us, there is nothing thy can do


2. EamonnCork - April 7, 2012

The paradox is that the worse the current government perform the worse it reflects on FF because it reminds everyone of the present administration. Hard to see how they get out of that bind. My heart bleeds.


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