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This Week At The Irish Election Literature Blog April 20, 2012

Posted by irishelectionliterature in Irish Election Literature Blog.

Starting off this week with “Lousers!” A Wonderful poster from William Norton of the Labour Party from 1926 Dublin County By Election

On then to an EU Pecking Order …Vote NO sticker

As a tease for something that will be appearing in the Left Archive soon a few pages from SUPERSPI magazine from 1978

Then “Loyal to Labour Values ,Faithful to Labour Members” Colm Keaveney for Chairperson of The Labour Party Leaflet

And finally this old Gilmore Water Tax related leaflet which was waved by Richard Boyd Barrett in the Dail yesterday


1. tomasoflatharta - April 20, 2012

Colm Keaveney TD, the new Labour Party Chairperson, in his own words : “United Left Alliance ‘tripping over themselves with hypocrisy’”; Nailing his right wing colours to the mast he says ““The easy and the cowardly thing to have done is to have gone into opposition,”


Deputy Keaveney’s hold on the Galway East seat is very shaky :


He was in eighth position on the first count in the 2011 General Election.

The most recent opinion poll tells us the Labour Party share of the statewide share of the vote is down to 13 per cent – and the underlying reason is that the Kenny-Gilmore government is implementing the same policies as the previous Cowen-Gormley austeritarian regime. Labour deputies favour legislation to implement the 1992 Supreme Court X Case Judgment, but voted against the Clare-Joan Collins-Mick Wallace Bill on this subject. Why? Because they sacrifice left-wing and progressive policies in order to keep their right-wing coalition with Fine Gael stable.

Here is a very easy bet : Colm Keaveney to lose his Galway Dáil Seat at the next General Election. Maybe a redrawing of constituencies will help him – a very slim hope for the new chairperson from the right-wing stable.

As Adriam Kavanagh says :

“Water’s going on? Party support trends and European stability treaty referendum. Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI polls (19th/20th April 2012)”



2. EamonnCork - April 20, 2012

It’s one of the defining tropes of political scoundrels to be perpetually claiming that an easy move was in fact a difficult one.
Labour leaped into bed with Fine Gael so that they could get into power after an absence of fifteen years. This was greatly to the advantage of many of their TDs who have benefitted from ministerial salaries and the chance to award their cronies adviser posts carrying lucrative wages. Yet this it would have been the easy thing to stay out of power is getting repeated like an insane matra. Richard Nixon was a prime exponent of this particular piece of rhetorical bullshit, cloaking pieces of political skullduggery in the ‘I could have done the easy thing’ disguise.


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