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Oh dear… that very special EU dinner… May 24, 2012

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Funny how Stephen Collins et al were writing about how the summit meeting the EU leaders had cooked up, so to speak, would lead to sweetness and light… This is what they said yesterday:

THE GOVERNMENT is confident that the focus on growth at today’s EU summit in Brussels will boost the prospects of a Yes vote in the referendum on the fiscal treaty on May 31st.

Following the election of François Hollande as French president there were fears he might seek to have the existing treaty provisions reopened with damaging consequences for the Government’s referendum campaign.

However, Irish officials are confident Mr Hollande’s strategy now is to get agreement on a growth package to go hand-in-hand with the treaty provisions. “The need for an emphasis on growth at EU level is something the Taoiseach has been advocating since he took office and today’s summit could be a decisive step in that direction,” said one Government source.

And here’s what they wrote late yesterday evening/this morning:

EU LEADERS sought to advance a new plan to stimulate economic growth as Germany and France laid out opposing strategies to tackle the debt crisis, raising fresh questions about Europe’s ability to overcome the debacle.

Entertainingly it continues:

Other European countries have questioned the wisdom of Mr Hollande’s approach, saying Dr Merkel has no scope to deliver eurobonds. “The chancellor has lost 10 regional elections in a row,” said another EU leader’s adviser.

Well, yes, but Hollande has won one national election, and one could enquire as to the disposition of forces that has defeated Merkel.

And here’s the Guardian’s take on it:

European leaders were locked in deep divisions over the future of Greece and the single currency, with Germany and France at loggerheads for the first time in 30 months over how to restore confidence in the euro.

A special EU summit marking the debut of France’s President François Hollande saw him challenge Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, on the euro, arguing that the pooling of eurozone debt liability – eurobonds – had to be retained as an option for saving the currency. Merkel has ruled out eurobonds as illegal under current EU law.


As to the hopes for our own referendum…


In Brussels, Irish Ministers are hoping that positive noises from tonight’s dinner in Brussels will help the referendum campaign as it enters its final week although agreement on the details of a growth package is not expected until the next major two-day EU summit at the end of June.


EU leaders are trying to settle the main elements of a new growth initiative but officials played down expectation of any definitive agreement and said no deal was likely before the next summit at the end of June.

Ooops, squared!


1. tomasoflatharta - May 24, 2012

Reblogged this on Campaign Against the Austerity Treaty and commented:
The Irish Times caught spinning for the Austerity Treaty Yes Side – or the Ups and Downs of Irish Government Propaganda!


2. D_D - May 24, 2012

But RTE this morning (‘Morning Ireland’), through their reporting correspondent from the talks, told us categorically that the Treaty would not now be changed. That Hollande was not seeking change to the Treaty but an additional growth agreement. The air of the report was that the plank of the ‘no’ side, which contended that the Treaty might be pointless because it was about to be changed, was now clearly removed. The reportage was generally upbeat.

Also, there were two interviews with right wingers, an English economist and the chair of the German CDU (who said growth measures meant labour market reform!!!) that were indirectly connected to the Treaty. Their whole effect was to provide contextual support for the ‘yes’ side, but these were not balanced by other general views. And RTE is supposed to be counting the minutes each side gets.


Ed - May 24, 2012

I’d say RTE is counting the indulgence its current affairs unit will be shown by the government if it toes the line, and the contracts Tom Savage’s firm will continue getting to spin the news in the government’s favour.


WorldbyStorm - May 24, 2012

It’s completely blatant D_D and Ed, isn’t it? The RTÉ website had something similar this afternoon…


3. Oireachtas Retort - May 24, 2012

Did a quick google news search while they were fighting about it on the Frontline debate and only the Irish press were categorically saying there would be no negotiation.


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