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Newsnight 30th May – Greece Ireland & Euro crisis May 31, 2012

Posted by irishelectionliterature in Economy, European Politics.

Includes Paul Krugman on various subjects.

Ireland is covered from 40 minutes 30 seconds .


1. Logan - June 1, 2012

I commented on this on another thread yesterday. The debate between Krugman, the Tory woman and Moulton the “investor” was illuminating (but not in a good way). The Tory woman just spouted drivel about how to get out of the recession was to rapidly cut state spending by 10 to 15% or so (obviously she thought the problem with Hoover was that he didnt go far enough). When Krugman called her on the fact that she was just using the recession as a excuse to implement far-right economic policies as a pretended a response to a crises she and Moulton pretended to get offended. It was clear that Krugman was struggling not to show his contempt for their “arguments”.


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