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Repudiate the Debt Campaign An appeal to the Irish people May 31, 2012

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We have a choice: starve––emigrate––or resist

Today our people will be voting on the “Fiscal Stability Treaty”––the permanent austerity treaty––we would like to put forward a number of points for you to consider before you vote. All of us have been affected one way or another by the imposition of the massive socialised corporate debt placed on our shoulders by the EU and ECB in co-operation with the main political parties in this state.

We are paying a very heavy price with cuts in services. You may have experienced them directly yourself, or know people who have been affected, in the areas of health, education, welfare, pensions, medical cards, and wages.

Every citizen, from the very youngest to the oldest, has to pay back and is responsible for €41,000 of the “national” debt at present levels. That can only grow as more of our able-bodied citizens feel impelled to leave our country to look for work and a future. We simply cannot afford the price of the present “bail-out” and the toll it is taking on all of us.

So all the talk about voting Yes so that we can obtain further funding––i.e. borrowing more money from the EU-ECB loan sharks or from the international finance houses––is simply not an option. We cannot afford the repayments. It is a simple fact that 4½ million people cannot pay €150 billion in debt, which is growing daily.

This treaty would make debt repayment and debt management the primary policy of the government. No matter how much money will be in the government’s kitty, the first priority would be to service the debt; all other matters are secondary.

By putting it into law they hope to close off all other options that the people may wish to choose, such as repudiating this odious and unbearable debt. So whoever we may wish to vote for in the future, if we vote Yes we will be handcuffing ourselves, our children and our grandchildren for generations to come to only one solution.

So before you vote today ask yourself: Do you wish to remain in debt servitude? Do you wish to turn yourself and your family into bonded labour, whose duty is to pay a debt that is not yours and will most probably be added to if the political establishment and their masters in Berlin impose a second “bail-out” on us?

We can stand up as a people and demand that the debt be dumped off our backs, stand as a free people, or we can lurk in the shadows and watch as others decide our future, telling us what we can or cannot do.


1. GM - May 31, 2012

Well said.


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