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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Crosby, Stills & Nash & Young “4 Way Street” July 14, 2012

Posted by irishelectionliterature in This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

There are a few albums that I had on vinyl that I later also bought on CD. Crosby , Stills, Nash and Youngs “Four Way Street” is one of them. (Live and Dangerous and various Billy Bragg ones are others).
Someone must have had an older sibling who had this album because I cant remember how I came to hear it, let alone buy it. It could have been a fascination with Live Albums as there were some brilliant ones we were listening to at the time such as SLFs ‘Hanx’, ‘Live and Dangerous’, ‘No Sleep Til Hammersmith’ and ‘The Song remains the same’….
Its an absolutely brilliant album with something for everyone. Side one and Two were mainly acoustic (or ‘Wooden music’ as they refer to it as) whilst sides three and four were electric. My sides 3 and 4 were fairly worn, especially side 4 which had two of the albums highlights in ‘Ohio’ and ‘Carry On’. These versions of ‘Carry On’, ‘Ohio’ and ‘Southern Man’ are just so fast and full of energy and brilliant use of stereo. Its in the depths of the extended versions of ‘Carry On’ and ‘Southern Man’ that you have Stephen Stills and Neil Young almost sparring with guitar licks and it works really well. Listening to them now I can picture myself in the mid 80s and beyond at home listening to these songs blaring away.
Sides one and two are a lot more gentle with lovely tunes like ‘The Lee Shore” and their is some contrast between something Like ‘Ohio’ and “Teach your Children”. Yet somehow the album still blends together.
It was originally released in 1971, and it peaked at Number One in the US Albums chart. The live recordings were from shows at The Fillmore East, New York, June 2-June 7, 1970 The Chicago Auditorium, Chicago, July 5, 1970 and The Forum, Los Angeles, June 26-June 28, 1970.
When searching for CSNY tunes to put up what did I find only that someone had put the whole album on youtube.
So enjoy…

If you click and go directly to it on Youtube The times of the songs (as below) are there as is the Rolling Stone Review of the album by George Kimball.
00:00 Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
00:33 On the Way Home
04:21 Teach Your Children
07:23 Triad
14:18 The Lee Shore
18:47 Chicago
21:58 Right Between the Eyes
25:35 Cowgirl in the Sand
29:34 Don’t Let It Bring You Down
33:05 49 Bye-Byes/America’s Children
39:40 Love the One You’re With
42:52 King Midas in Reverse
46:37 Laughing
50:12 Black Queen
56:57 Medley: The Loner/Cinnamon Girl/Down by the River
1:06:34 Pre-Road Downs
1:09:38 Long Time Gone
1:15:36 Southern Man
1:29:21 Ohio
1:32:55 Carry On
1:47:14 Find the Cost of Freedom


1. LeftAtTheCross - July 14, 2012

Speaking of live albums, Ramones “It’s Alive” has to be in the list of best ever. One thing about live albums, they suit the CD format a lot better than double vinyl, all that stop / start and flipping over the disks…


WorldbyStorm - July 14, 2012

That’s true LATC. Got to say, I’d never heard the CSNY one before. Sounds great. A lot of songs I like on it, Cinnamon Girl in particular.


2. eamonncork - July 14, 2012

I’d never even heard of this one. Looking forward to hearing it. Weld was one of the great live albums.
Tickled to see the mention of No Sleep Till Hammersmith. The subtle metal indoctrination proceeds apace.


3. crocodile - July 14, 2012

The same George Kimball that wrote the Rolling Stone review wrote a sports column (chiefly boxing) for the Irish Times and died a year or so ago.


WorldbyStorm - July 14, 2012

That’s really interesting. Going to have to look that up croc…


eamonncork - July 17, 2012

Don;t know how many boxing fans there are on CLR but Kimball wrote a terrific book entitled Four Kings about the battles during the eighties between Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, Thomas Hearns and Roberto Duran.


4. Woody Guthrie « The Cedar Lounge Revolution - July 14, 2012

[…] of Woody Guthrie today (and thanks to Tomboktu for reminding me). In an odd way I think that IELB’s piece on Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young elides with that. I always thought there was something, some hint of Guthrie in their output. But here’s a […]


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