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Feminism *and* country music July 17, 2012

Posted by Tomboktu in Culture, Feminism, Music.

The death has been announced of the American Queen of Country, Kitty Wells.

The hit that brought her to the big time in the 1950s was It Wasn’t God Who Made Hony Tonk Angels, which is just one hell of a song title. The song itself was a reply a song by Hank Thompson, Wild Side of Life, and in her rebuke she attacked the view that it was women who are t blame for affairs and marriage breakdowns. Her song was banned, but hit a chord.


1. yourcousin - July 18, 2012

Tip of the hat for commemorating a good musician, and another one for crocodile who noted it on the open thread. I will however admonish the idea that somehow the idea of strong female figures and country music deserves the asterisk as if one has to raise one’s voice an octave in surprise while raising eyebrows in shock when putting the two together. Even a brief passing over of country music can produce a slew of strong matriarchal figures who could be considered ground breaking in many ways.


eamonncork - July 18, 2012

For example;


eamonncork - July 18, 2012

Or indeed.


Tomboktu - July 18, 2012

That’s a fairpoint, and I apologise. (I don’t think even the Paschal Mooney defence would hold up. It was just sloppy and wrong.)


yourcousin - July 19, 2012

No real harm done. Again fair play for noting her passing.


crocodileshoes - July 19, 2012

Do you know the Laura Cantrell tribute album that I mentioned on the other thread, yourcousin? Well worth checking out, if not.


2. yourcousin - July 19, 2012

Actually if my memory serves me I first checked Cantrell’s stuff out after you put it up on the Rawlings Machine thread, good stuff.


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