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Trophy … What Trophy? August 16, 2012

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A phone call earlier in the week has prompted me to return to the topic where I started my online life writing about GAA

The dreaded call came earlier in the week, you know the one…….

“Remember that trophy the team won last year, any idea where it is? The County Board are looking for it for this years Final.”

The thing is is that trying to find a trophy has to be done on the quiet, a few whispers, calls and texts here and there and hope that
the detective work bears the prize. You can’t be taking the microphone and making pleas at the Saturday night set dancing, the annual dinner dance or even putting up notices “Missing- Trophy , finder please contact Paddy at 087 -******* ” with a picture of the trophy underneath, as it would only be drawing attention to yourselves.
There are plenty of overzealous club members only too willing to tell the County Board that the trophy is ‘missing’ never mind members of
other clubs who would only take pure delight in the trophy being as lathair.

Now luckily enough the trophy wasn’t an adult one (by that I mean it was for underage) so hadn’t done the full tour of pubs, clubs,
Coffins, weddings, Parties, funerals, Debs, Communions, Confirmations and whatever you’re having yourself. So immediately the trophies
whereabouts could be narrowed down a bit.
The search started, I knew it wasn’t in my house, the trophy/medal corner of the kitchen dresser consists of the children’s collection of school sports day medals, a few football and hurling ones and to make us all look more intelligent… a Chess trophy.
Other houses laden with trophies, medals , shields, plaques from generations of Gaels had to look a bit harder. Sure you’d hardly notice a new trophy there.
So far the trophy’s whereabouts have yet to be determined, the hope is that the lads on holidays know….


1. EamonnCork - August 16, 2012

‘Hello, is that the Dublin County Board? There’s something I think you should know about. My name? Just call me a concerned Gael. Suspension is too good for them if you ask me.’
I wonder if Pickles is still alive.


2. Joe - August 16, 2012

When we won the U14 Div 2 camogie, we placed the trophy in the safest place of all – the club trophy cabinet. When the Co Board came looking the following year, we knew where the trophy was – but not who had the key to the cabinet! It was the first agenda item on the agenda of every club committee for a fortnight. In the end Johnny the carpenter had to be called to remove the cabinet door.


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