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Some interesting documents posted up in the Left Archive over Summer 2012 September 24, 2012

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Left Online Document Archive.

For anyone who missed some of the documents posted up this Summer here’s a list of the more noteworthy ones.

One very important point to make is that the Archive depends hugely upon those who have collected and stored these documents over the years and then been prepared to forward them on. A vote of thanks to everyone who has done so is necessary. As time goes on the scope and depth of the Archive increases, flick through the index here and you’ll see how some formations are well represented, others not to the same degree.

As always we’re interested in documents from the Irish left and further afield for the Archive, and as this post notes there are a fair few omissions even after the best part of six years or so.

First up Socialism and Democracy by Paddy Carmody which was produced by the Irish Marxist Society, which was an euro-communist split from the CPOI.

Then there’s The Agitator – A Directory of Autonomous, Non-Hierarchical Groups and Such Like in Britain and Ireland, September 1998, an interesting round up of left libertarian and other groups during that period.

Then a most interesting copy of the United Irishman from SFWP from 1978 which uses a strikingly Republican rhetoric both visually and otherwise.

Iris-1916-1991 is a commemorative edition of the SF published magazine.

Then a genuine rarity, Socialist Republican, Quarterly Publication of the Socialist Republican Collective, otherwise known as the Irish People’s Liberation Organisation (IPLO), a split from the INLA (and again many thanks to Roasted Snow for donating a copy to the Archive – more to follow from him in the near future).

From the UK, Northern Ireland – The Unsolved Problem, Alistair Graham, From Civil Rights to Sectarianism, issued by Independent Labour Publications (formerly the Independent Labour Party) dating from the 1970s. There’s a publication from the ILP proper ready to be posted up in the Archive in the near future.

And most recently last week from Labour Left in the Irish Labour Party – Realignment in Irish Politics which was the submission by LL to the LP Commission on Electoral Strategy in 1986. The contemporary ramifications of such a publication are obvious. Thanks again to Michael Taft and others who scanned and forwarded it – and again more to follow.


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