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This Week At The Irish Election Literature Blog September 28, 2012

Posted by irishelectionliterature in Irish Election Literature Blog.

Starting off this week with From 1963 the first copy of ‘Fianna – The Voice of Young Ireland”.

On then to “One Ireland, one people” -1984 Sinn Fein European Election Manifesto

“Enough of the Gunmen”  A 1927 Poster for Michael Keyes and Patrick Clancy -Labour -Limerick

and finally a 1997 leaflet from Roisin Shorthall


1. Jolly Red Giant - September 28, 2012

Interesting poster from Keyes and Clancy – they both got elected but I would think that had more to do with the large scale strike at the Ardnacrusha power station than a poster like that.

I also wonder how Keyes equated his advocating of ‘peace’ when speaking on pro-Franco platforms during the Spanish civil war.


WorldbyStorm - September 28, 2012

I’d entirely agree re the strike rather than the poster being the key thing. Though I love the way a lot of posters during that period were text based. It was literally getting everything in on them!


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