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The CLR Political Quiz …Number 5 … The Answers October 12, 2012

Posted by irishelectionliterature in CLR Political Quiz.

1. Did Democratic Left ever have any Senators?
Yes,Joe Sherlock was elected to the Seanad in 1992 and during the “Rainbow Coalition” of FG, Lab and DL, in 1997 Michael Enright from Wexford was appointed to the Seanad. (thanks ringacoltig for the correction)

2. Which of the following did not play inter county hurling? Dick Spring, Tom Parlon, Donie Cassidy and James Reilly?
James Reilly.
Donie Cassidy hurled for Westmeath, Tom Parlon hurled for Offaly and Dick Spring hurled for Kerry.

3. What party published a magazine called ‘superspi’ ?
The Socialist party of Ireland (a copy here)

4. Who was the last member of the Seanad to be appointed a Minister?
James Dooge was appointed Minister for Forign Affairs by Garret Fitzgerald in 1981

5. Which Minister is a former President of the Irish Council against Blood Sports?
Alan Shatter

6. “Building a Presidency of the People” was a slogan used by which former Presidential candidate?
Adi Roche

7. Which of the following parties have not contested Elections in The Republic Of Ireland 1922 to date “The Blind Men’s Party” , “Evicted Tenants Association” , “The Phoenix Party”
The Phoenix Party
“The Blind Men’s Party” fielded two candidates in the June 1927 General Election.
“”Evicted Tenants Association” fielded one candidate in the 1923 General Election.

8. Politically, What is Marcus Counihans claim to fame?
He was the first Green elected in Ireland when elected to Killarney UDC in 1985

9. Former TD and Lord Mayor of Dublin Sean Loftus , famous for adding different names to his name (like ‘Rockhall’ and ‘Dublin Bay’) contested the 1973 General Election using what name?
Sean Christian Democrat Dublin Bay Loftus

10. Who is the person pictured below ?

It’s not, as suggested in answers, Eamon Dunphy, Mary Robinson or even James Reilly but a five year old Eamon Gilmore. (from his 2007 Election leaflet)


1. Ringacoltig - October 12, 2012

Actually DL briefly had a second senator although not at the same time as Sherlock. During the “Rainbow Coalition” of FG, Lab and DL, in 1997 Michael Enright from Wexford was appointed to the Seanad. He served 3 or 4 months but was killed in a car accident near Arklow in October 1997.


irishelectionliterature - October 12, 2012

Ah hadn’t realised that. Will amend the answers so.


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