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“A lot is happening in our country with regard to stamping out racism”. October 17, 2012

Posted by Garibaldy in racism, Sport.

Disgraceful scenes in Serbia, where the U21 game with England ended in chaos following racist abuse of some of the English players. The English manager, Stuart Pearce (quoted in the thread title), the players, and supporters, as well as the media, are rightly outraged. This has come up in comments on another thread a while ago but I don’t know about everybody else, but I’m finding this very hard to take in the aftermath of the whole John Terry thing. Rio Ferdinand dropped because his brother was on the receiving end of racial abuse from the England captain, who was then taken to the European championships by a manager who played in apartheid South Africa. Terry was then given a short and less harsh ban than a foreign player. Ferdinand then finds out he’s definitely not in the next squad because Roy Hodgson told some guy on the tube. England player after England player then comes out to say what a great guy Terry is. Respect indeed.

The idea of the English FA as the champion of anti-racism in football is now blatantly a ridiculous idea but you’d think the whole incident had never happened. Somebody in the English media and the football world needs to stand up and point out the emperor has no clothes.


1. Lost Soul - October 17, 2012

Pearce might not be the best man to talk about stamping out racism with a brother in the BNP.


Jim Monaghan - October 17, 2012

You can’t blame someone for his relatives.


2. Red Hand - October 17, 2012

To be fair…there is nothing in English football today like what passes for normal in Eastern Europe (and Spain and Italy). You would be arrested, if not battered by other fans, if you displayed a Nazi flag at an English ground, the mass racist chanting you hear in Europe simply does not happen anymore- there was a media circus about ONE idiot at Anfield last year- compare that to 1987-88 when thousands of Everton fans were booing John Barnes.
Institutional racism and the FA old boys network is certainly a problem, but there is nothing to compare with Serbia, thankfully.


3. ejh - October 17, 2012

England player after England player then comes out to say what a great guy Terry is.

This has less to do with anything the FA have done than with the nature of sport and sporting professionals. This sort of thing happens almost regardless of the issue.


4. Garibaldy - October 17, 2012

I’d agree with what Red Hand says: I am not suggesting that things are as bad as elsewhere but nor can the English FA pretend that it is just a thing for other countries, which is pretty much the impression they have been giving during recent months. To see Hodgson talking about it in the run-up to the Euros with a straight face was gobsmacking. On another note, I don’t think we can blame Pearce for his brother.


5. Garibaldy - October 21, 2012

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