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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week October 21, 2012

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

I didn’t see anything worth quoting until the second-last thing I read this week (maybe I am becoming immune from over-exposure), but then a certain Marc Coleman delivered, in spades.

Seeking an exit from the discredited creed of Montrose Marxism, it seems that RTE has decided to be pro-American, but only pro the half of America that is Democrat. This is dangerous and damaging to our economy and future.

Is it just me, or is he is only a whisker away from using the phrase “cultural Marxism”?

Inspired by a trip to Latvia, he offers it as a model to follow, while admitting that cuts to public sector pay of 30% “arguably went too far”.

If this were anyone else, I might wonder suspect it to be an exercise in self-satire.

A brilliant trade economist, Krugman shows how dangerous it can be when economists use their status to comment on things they don’t understand.

This is less funny but, especially if you’re Latvian.

Last week I was helping them to emulate our success in generating FDI, growing exports and developing their diaspora, and in tackling problems of rural isolation and poverty.

I nearly threw up reading that.


1. WorldbyStorm - October 21, 2012

Odd how he doesn’t mention emigration in Latvia.

And the following is a travesty of the actual dynamics of US political activity in the past decade and a half:

But back to Obama. Like the Krugman groupies in the media, the groupies of Obama groupthink ignore how Democrats used their control of the Senate since 2006 to double US debt (resulting in a derisory growth spurt). The nightmare of sub-prime mortgages is also a creation of the Democrats.


Garibaldy - October 21, 2012

Yeah, the whole thing was nonsense, but the stuff about America very bad.


2. Ed - October 21, 2012

‘Montrose Marxism’ isn’t even a whisper away from Anders Breivik et al, it’s just a translation of their politics into Irish terms. The security guards at RTE should keep an eye out in case one of Coleman’s admirers shows up one day with machine gun and a bag full of grenades and tries to massacre the newsroom team and the cast of Fair City.

‘The groupies of Obama groupthink’ – I presume they’ve sacked all the subs at the Sindo and replaced them with goats, nobody with any training would have allowed a phrase that ugly to get through.


3. RosencrantzisDead - October 21, 2012

What is ‘writer of 2008’s The Best is Yet to Come’ in Latvian?


eamonncork - October 21, 2012

I think it’s Kumpleat Fokyng Eyjat.


PaddyM - October 21, 2012

Smieklīgi vēja maiss un mīzt.


PaddyM - October 21, 2012
Garibaldy - October 21, 2012

Cheers for that Paddy. Makes one wonder (a) if Krugman is a reader of Coleman (highly unlikely) and (b) if there might have been some recent columns elsewhere having a go at Krugman using Latvia. Which would be interesting.


RosencrantzisDead - October 21, 2012

In relation to (b), there have been tons. The Right in the US have been trying to use it as rebuttal to Krugman’s views for the good part of a year now.

See here:



4. gfmurphy101 - October 21, 2012

What about this http://www.independent.ie/national-news/bono-we-all-belong-on-the-cover-of-time-not-enda-3266343.html from Niamh Horan!
Its a sad state of affairs when the ‘objective journalism’ has to be written by the public and inserted in the ‘comments’ section!
But then again this is the paper that asked us to “Come see Sean walk on water” (in relation to Sean Fitzpatrick) , that glorified the property developer (The Baron of Ballsbridge aka “the Dunner”) and advised the public to vote for the FF/PD toxic mix (Its payback time) not once but twice!
The “Rag” was the mouthpiece of the 1% back in 1913, and it is the same , if not worse today!


5. doctorfive - October 21, 2012

Came across this in the paper archive recently. Made me smile



Garibaldy - October 21, 2012

Brilliant, and perfect timing.


6. crocodile - October 21, 2012

Finucane watch week 2: panel of 2 right-wing TDs, Pat Farrell of the bankers’ federation, the CEO of the Local Government Management Agency and the former Principal Officer of the Revenue Commissioners.
Marxists all the way, so.


7. shea - October 21, 2012

did any one find themselves agreeing with harris’s article. cold shiver runs down spine.


8. LeftAtTheCross - October 21, 2012

“Krugman shows how dangerous it can be when economists use their status to comment on things they don’t understand.”

The mind boggles at the total absense of self-awareness that allowed Coleman to write that sentence.


Garibaldy - October 21, 2012

I did wonder for a minute if this was satire.


9. gfmurphy101 - October 21, 2012

Reblogged this on gfmurphy101 and commented:
Sure sunday would’nt be sunday without some oul pee wee from the SINDO !


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11. Ciaran - October 22, 2012

Garibaldy, if you don’t feel like ploughing through the Sindo in order to find a stupid statement, just skip through all those stories of people hoping for the property market to overheat again, and head straight for Coleman’s article. Better yet, listen to his radio show – like a Foundation Level Sean Hannity.


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