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Official Republican / WP Archive on Facebook October 27, 2012

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

I’m sure we’ve linked to this site in the past, but for those who haven’t seen it – or not looked in on it for a while – it’s a treasure trove of materials, reminiscences and so on from the OSF and WP. It’s not an official site connected with the WP, as it says itself:

This page is in no way sponsored or directly connected to The Workers’ Party (Ireland). It is intended as a space for those interested to share photos, history, information and stories regarding Official Sinn Fein / The Workers’ Party and related organisations.

But for anyone interested in the area it’s invaluable and more power to the people who’ve put it together.


1. steve McCann - October 28, 2012

some great pics and history, thanks for posting link


2. Seoirse MacDomhnaill - December 13, 2012

Go raibh maith agat for the wee plug! Mise- Seoirse MacDomhnaill, administrator Official Republican/WP Archive


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