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Let’s talk about crisps… and other treats November 10, 2012

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Culture.

Many years ago… okay, last year to be precise, I wrote a post lauding the following ‘A Blog About Crisps‘… being something of a fan myself. This is where someone or two goes through various types of crisps and rates them. And it’s Irish as well though open to all sorts of crisps and similar products.

It’s heartening to see them still going strong. Okay, for me this has become a bit abstract as I tend to look at the level of sats (and taking into a account I’ve reached an age where ‘you only live once’ has a slightly more gloomy sound to it than it used to) in them and think – ah, no, thanks! Though I’ve tried the following ones and they’re pretty good (though there’s controversy there too – seems they’re not as generous with the numbers as they could be). And actually I tried the black pepper variant of these IIRC and they were pretty good too, though a bit greasy.

I still like the old Walkers Baked crisps for the combination of crispness and healthiness – low low sats, even though they’re more difficult to find than they used to be (and on a visit to the UK over the Summer the range there had contracted to four types, cheese and onion, salt and vinegar, sour cream and onion and – my favourite – ready salted).

Funnily enough Aldi’s offering’s include the following, nothing like Hunky Dory’s. Nothing like them at all.

But check this out. A US based site critiques and criticises Mega Meanies (true fact, the staple of many a party bag for the under fives), TK red lemonade (which in a weird way has to be an Irish cultural victory of some sort, I remember in the late 1980s trying to explain ‘red’ lemonade to frankly uncomprehending Americans in New York), and back to crisps laying into Hunky Dory’s, but not over their former puerile advertising campaigns which were rubbish, but taking offence at Buffalo flavoured crisps? What’s the problem with buffalo? What’s not to love?


1. que - November 10, 2012

that regrettable moment in time when we started talking about crisps rather than taytos.

even now i still prefer taytos as a generic name for all crisps


WorldbyStorm - November 10, 2012

That’s a fair point que!
I love Tayto… but…

King crisps are great. A bit salty though.

Perri popcorn even better.


2. que - November 10, 2012

Kings potato crisps from Tipp are damn fine


3. Dr.Nightdub - November 10, 2012

A suggestion, prompted by what I did immediately after reading this piece: how about a regular “This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Frying…” article, kinda like a companion piece to the music one?


4. Mr X - November 10, 2012

The author of that The Awl piece is Irish, fwiw.


5. gfmurphy101 - November 10, 2012

Reblogged this on gfmurphy101 and commented:
they sure aint one-dimensional down at CLR, tho I’d say they could link the demise of TAYTO’S to capitalism if they tried !!!


6. MIchael Carley - November 11, 2012

Just as long as you don’t have Kettle Chips [sic]:

A British private equity company has called in one of the leading US union-busters to stop workers at one of the country’s best-known upmarket crisp producers, Kettle Chips, joining a trade union.



7. doctorfive - November 11, 2012

The near extinction of cheap crisps is one of the rarely lamented casualties of the tiger. Ghosties, Mummies, Crunchos. Hard pushed to find a packet of Hot Lips these days and the pink & yellow popcorn has disappeared altogether.


doctorfive - November 11, 2012

all pushed out by hand reared paprika shite


8. Jack Jameson - November 11, 2012

Just seen the TV ad for Walkers ‘Extra Crunchy’ where England ‘legend’ and Match of the Day host Gary Lineker puts the crisp-snatching crooner through a plate-glass shop window.

There must be serious money in advertising them there crisps.


9. Jack Jameson - November 11, 2012

That crooner being the (must-be mega rich) Lionel Richie.


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