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Socialist Voice from the CPOI November 12, 2012

Posted by WorldbyStorm in The Left.

The latest edition of Socialist Voice from the CPOI available here. This editions contains the following articles…

Austerity is working!
Turf-cutters fight back against state lies
Intellectual property rights: Who benefits?
Government policies exacerbating child poverty
Health care, American style
Ponzi ponces
The reality of local government reform
Understanding the crisis, and putting the system on trial
European labour prepares a fight-back — Will Ireland be the odd one out?
Cuba’s universal health care
Venezuela: Why the media got it so wrong
Withdraw Irish soldiers from Afghanistan now!
A history of uneven development
A play about four women

Hard to disagree with the following from the front page article:

The government’s strategy of getting some relief on the debt has not worked so far, mainly because the European Union, and Germany in particular, are holding out for greater controls on national budget strategies, taking greater fiscal and monetary control
away from national governments.
This will put crucial economic levers and decision-making beyond national accountability. It will remove decisions about these crucial function of national governments beyond democratic control or influence. It is aimed at preventing class struggle or the mobilisation of people to influence them at the national level.


1. CL - November 12, 2012

There’s a growing realization that capitalism and democracy are incompatible.


2. Red Hand - November 12, 2012

Anyone read the history of the CPI that is advertised in Socialist Voice?


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