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Pssst… best not tell the confidence fairy about… November 13, 2012

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Economy, Irish Politics.



1. greengoddess2 - November 13, 2012



Tomboktu - November 13, 2012

Are others seeing a dud symbol in Nessa’s comment above (Nessa being greengoddess2)?


RosencrantzisDead - November 14, 2012

All I see is a blank space.


2. LeftAtTheCross - November 13, 2012

I guess we have to expect the bad cop good cop routine ahead of every budget but seriously if the government expects to be able to extract upwards of €3,000 from PAYE households in this budget they must be living on a different planet.


3. greengoddess2 - November 13, 2012

Yes.That one no one can see, out beyond Pluto.


WorldbyStorm - November 13, 2012



4. gabbagabbahey - November 13, 2012

“PAYE households”? Surely all households have to pay tax based on the extent of their income, not its source? Doesn’t seem to be a factual reason to make the distinction, based on what else is said about the report. Unless it’s a subtle highlighting of tax evasion, that is…


Tomboktu - November 13, 2012

Could it be that PAYE households have less room to maneuvre in avoiding taxes on their income?


5. Cormac - November 14, 2012

Some random consulting firm does some sums based on government kite-flying, and then does a press release

How is this worthy of comment?


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