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ULA: Demonstrate! 1pm Sat 24 Nov, Parnell Square, Dublin November 21, 2012

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1. John Moran. - November 21, 2012

Is this the DCTU demo on saturday ?.


Mark P - November 21, 2012

It’s the joint demonstration between DCTU, CAHWT and some other groups.


LeftAtTheCross - November 21, 2012

Apparently the Campaign for Labour Policies is calling for Labour Party members to support the protest also.


(As I wrote that I mis-typed “galling” instead of “calling”. Hmm, was my subconscious trying to make a statement I wonder?)


Julian Assandwich - November 21, 2012

Good to see re; CLP. Hopefully this is a first step towards them engaging with and supporting CAHWT. There are many Labour and recently-Labour members active in it at present anyway.

I understand they have been fed lies that it is made up of wacky Tea Partiers. They’ll be pleasantly surprised by such a great grassroots campaign.



LeftAtTheCross - November 21, 2012

Yes, I’ve seen a few discussions on FB where LP members have taken that “anti-tax Tea Party” line against the CAHWT after attending their local public meetings. It could be a question of seeing what one wants to see. Certainly at the first meeting we held in Kells back in Feb there was a fair bit of stuff coming from the floor, some Freeman rubbish about the “Statute” thing (which thankfully seems to have disappeared at this stage) and of course much genuine reluctance to pay more taxes from people who are simply strapped. It’s possible to interpret such sentiment as being right-wing anti-tax, but in the context of the meetings that’s clearly a wilfully inaccurate interpretation. To then play that up as an anti-CAHWT criticism is quite dishonest, especially when it’s coming from LP members who are publicly associated with regular anti further Left statements (we won’t mention names but one of them popped up on CLR in a different thread last week or so). However, that’s not to say that all or even a majority of LP grassroots members necessarily swallow that line of argument. Although whether they do or not is meaningless unless they act on it of course.


2. greengoddess2 - November 21, 2012
3. gfmurphy101 - November 23, 2012

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Some publicity for a worthwhile cause !!!


4. tomasoflatharta - November 23, 2012

Reblogged this on Tomás Ó Flatharta and commented:
This post and the comments indicate that the November 24 Pre-Budget Anti-Austerity March has wide support ; See also http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dublin-Council-of-Trade-Unions/115330285145261?fref=ts


CMK - November 24, 2012

Gerard’s reblogging must be contagious!


5. Tomboktu - November 24, 2012

What is it with RTÉ? The main point of their report on the protest on the radio news this morning (7.00 a.m. and 8.00 a.m.) is that “Dublin City will face disruption today”.


6. smiffy - November 24, 2012

It’s 1:00pm, right? Irish Times are reporting 1:40pm.


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