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Where were you in 92? November 21, 2012

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Some clippings. Mostly from 1992 but one or two later

And lastly, from Gene Kerrigan


The original 1992 Dáil debate on the Supreme Court Ruling can also be found here

Just adding in these arguements against Travel and Information from Youth Defence/Pro Life Movement from the 1992 Referendum (IEL)


1. PaddyJoe - November 21, 2012

“Reynolds came to power in the middle of an extraordinary period which in retrospect will be seen as a turning point in Irish life”
We don’t really do turning points, do we?
Just short periods filled with outrage and contrition and heartfelt promises never to fall into the same trap again.
Eg. “FG and Labour came to power in 2011 following an extraordinary period which in retrospect will be seen as a turning point in Irish life”


doctorfive - November 21, 2012

just never turn in the direction we hope


crocodile - November 21, 2012

360 degree turns.


2. Joe - November 22, 2012

Where was I in 92? Not on any of the marches iirc. But (maybe this was 90 or 91?), I was working in a public library in Dublin. And a memo came out from HQ instructing us to remove a named book on women’s health from the shelves. I photocopied the memo and sent it to the chair of the Women’s Cttee (or whatever it was called) in the WP. She got the story into the Irish Times and there was a hoo ha with Nell McCafferty, iirc, finding things like pages ripped out of the Yellow Pages in post offices cos they contained addresses of women’s health clinics in the UK.
Later I met the editor (chap from Ballyer, good man, name?) of the Irish People/Tomorrows People who was disappointed I hadn’t given the story to him – he would have done better with it, media and party wise.


3. GypsyBhoy - November 22, 2012

Noel McFarlane (?). Does anybody know what became of him?


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