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The CLR Political Quiz …… Number 10 … The Answers November 23, 2012

Posted by irishelectionliterature in CLR Political Quiz.

1. What first name was Éamon De Valera registered as after his birth?
George (he was baptized Edward)

2. In the 2011 General Election what was the narrowest margin a candidate was elected by? who was the winner and loser?
Galway West – FG’s Kyne beat Catherine Connolly by 17 votes

3. What is a ‘Nedap ESI2’ ?
An E-Voting machine

4. Which TD is advocating a No vote in tomorrow’s Children’s Rights Referendum?
Mattie McGrath

5. How many Workers Party TDs were subsequently elected running for Democratic Left?
five -Sherlock, Byrne, DeRossa, Gilmore ,Rabbitte

6. In 1987 14 Progressive Democrat TDs were elected. How many had previously stood in Local or General Elections?
10 (Anne Colley, Marin Gibbons, Pat O’Malley and Geraldine Kennedy hadn’t stood previously)

7. In 1989 Independent candidate Frank Durcan ran on what issue in Mayo West?
Rod Licence

8. Which of the Following Songs were not included in “Sing Our Own Song -The Workers Party Youth Songbook”…?

“School Days Over”
“You cannot trust those Russians”
“Why Do All The Biggest Bastards Drive The Biggest Cars?”
“And the RUC Says…”

School Days Over

9. Joe Higgins and a number of other TDs live on the “Average Industrial Wage” with the rest going to ‘the party’ or worthy campaigns. How much of his salary did former Green TD Roger Garland give to the Green Party?

He gave all his salary to the party.

10. Who is this?
David Andrews


1. Shane - November 25, 2012

Pretty sure in regards to question 6 that McCoy in Limerick West had never run before, making it 5 who hadn’t. He didn’t try to defend his seat in 89 either.


irishelectionliterature - November 25, 2012

He ran in the 1979 Local Elections for Fine Gael


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