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The CLR Political Quiz … Number 11 November 23, 2012

Posted by irishelectionliterature in CLR Political Quiz.

1. Who released an album “Third Adolescence”

2. Who was the first woman to become Lord Mayor of Dublin?

3.  Which candidate used the slogan “Understands our past, believes in our future” ?

4. What Party published a paper called ‘Unfree Citizen’?

5. ‘The Planning Reform Party” have fielded which candidate in General and By Elections?

6. ‘GANG’ were a faction in the Green Party in the mid 80s that eventually split from the party. What did the initials ‘GANG’ stand for?

7. Which former Presidential candidate was related by Marriage to one the group “The Dubliners”?

8. How many different Party logos did The Progressive Democrats use from 1987 to 2007?

9. Who is the only Nobel Peace Prize winner who served as a TD?

10. Finally, whats unusual about this flyer?


1. sonofstan - November 23, 2012

1) Dan Boyle
3) Gay Mitchell


2. Ed - November 23, 2012

1) Dan Boyle
2) Hederman (?)
3) Gay Mitchell
6) Green Action Now Group
7) Mary Bannotti (?)
8) 2
10) No mention of his party, red instead of Green, picture of Customs House despite him having no connection to the dept of environment


3. sonofstan - November 23, 2012

9) Sean McBride


4. eoinmadden - November 23, 2012

5. Is that Noel O’Gara of the Darthmouth Square issue?


5. Cathy - November 23, 2012

1. Dan Boyle
2. Kathleen Clarke (widow of Tom Clarke)
3. Gay Mitchell
4.The original PDs, People’s Democracy
5. Noel O’Gara or Sean Dublin Bay Loftus?
7. Mary Banotti
8. Three
9. Sean MacBride
10. He’s a Fianna Fáiler but the flyer looks like a Labour Party one, and he is wearing a blue shirt! No mention of party.


6. smiffy - November 23, 2012

10. Noel O’Flynn is Cork, and Customs House is in Dublin?


NollaigO - November 23, 2012

But that’s the Cork City Hall in the background.

Mo náire! I’ve forgotten the name of the pub on the corner.


Joe - November 23, 2012

Faire mo náire féin! I can’t remember it either. I assume it’s the pub that was a gathering place for lefties in the 80s. I remember I met Brendan Ryan at something in Dublin and I mentioned it to him (in the 90s I’d say) and he said it wasn’t a good pub any more – clientele had changed I presume. Ach cén t-ainm a bhí nó atá air?


smiffy - November 23, 2012



Joe - November 23, 2012

Just googled a long list of Cork pub names and can’t find it. Must have changed names. But bloody hell, I’d love a day drinking in Cork now. Doubt ya boy.


sonofstan - November 23, 2012

You mean on Union Quay? Wasn’t there 4 pubs in row there? The Lobby and the Phoenix are the only two I remember. Bonus question – where else in Ireland can you find 4 pubs side by side? (or could – I think one has now closed/ changed use)


Ringacoltig - November 23, 2012

There were actually five pubs on that corner opposite Cork city hall – The Black Swan (later called the Alderman and Scoops), Heaphy’s (better known as the Lobby but also Henry Africa’s and now, alas, it’s a wine bar called L’Attitude), Then there was Charlies (ex River View), The Phoenix, and last O’Flynn’s or Donkey’s ears. The old Phoenix had a corner known unofficially as “Red Square”.


Joe - November 23, 2012

Yes, it must have been the Phoenix so. Only had a deorum there the once. My favourite Cork pub is the Hi-B. Like having a pint in the tardis.


Cathy - November 24, 2012

It’s not the Custom House. It is Cork City Hall!


WorldbyStorm - November 24, 2012



7. RosencrantzisDead - November 23, 2012

O’Flynn was not a candidate in the GE in 2011. He withdrew after this flyer was circulated.


sonofstan - November 23, 2012

a wine bar called L’Attitude

Does it have a sister establishment called ‘L’angertude’?


8. Shay Guevara - November 23, 2012

7. Pat McCartan was an independent candidate sometime in 1945 (I think?) and his daughter married Ronnie Drew.


9. David Convery - November 23, 2012

The Lobby was on the corner but unfortunately closed a good few years back, officially if I can remember correctly because it failed in regards to fire safety. Became a trendy enough ‘tapas’ bar then called An Cruibin. Last I passed by it was called something else but I can’t remember. Noel O’Flynn was always a chancer and a populist of the lowest common denominator. During the run-up to the 2002 election he famously called refugees and asylum seekers ‘spongers, wasters and conmen’, then proceeded to have a €135 a head fundraising meal for the best and (not so) brightest FF supporters in the Imperial Hotel which we picketed. I think Micky Martin asked him to step down before the last election lest he divide the vote on the Northside.


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