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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Interference …. November 24, 2012

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Yet another superb Irish Band that never got the success they should have had……. I had heard of Interference, through having seen Paul Tiernan play live a few times (including in one of those 4 pubs in a row in Cork) and having bought a few of his tapes. He was good and his live shows were good too but there was an almost reverence as people would mention ‘you know, he was in Interference”. The tapes got played less and less….. and then Interference appeared on RTEs ‘Other Voices’ and blew me away. I could see why they were held in such high esteem. Tiernan was there on guitar but it was the songs and Fergus O’Farrells’ voice and delivery that captured me.
They were on that Other Voices album too and since then they have given me endless hours of pleasure listening to them. Their song ‘Gold’ was in the film ‘Once’ and recorded by The Swell Season. This in turn brought their music and O’Farrell to a wider audience, especially in the US (and Hansard and The Swell Season are massive in the US).
Rather than do a bio of the band and O’Farrell, this clip from RTEs Nationwide a few years back about the Incredible Fergus O’Farrell and the band gives a good bit of background.

Their website http://www.interference.ie/

A decent article on them here

and a great interview with O’Farrell from 2005 here

and finally relax and listen to their full set from Other Voices


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