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ISME, though not you November 26, 2012

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Interesting release from the Irish Small & Medium Enterprises Association last week and a call on Phil Hogan and Richard Bruton to end the “turf war” that has apparently being raging behind the scenes.

In a move that would surely make Pat Rabbitte & Denis O’Brien marvel, the County & City Enterprise Boards have been moved from Enterprise and now under the control of Big Phil.

At a time when entrepreneurs need all the assistance they can get, this government is upsetting the whole infrastructure, people, advisors, management; creating mini-turf wars in the boards and uncertainty among the clients. The Association has demanded that any changes to the CEB network structure must keep the needs of the client at the core of any such deliberations and, in that context, a locally-based, flexible, client-focused system under the control of ENTERPRISE will undoubtedly have most merit.

Their caps

Mark Fielding, who was at the Oireachtas this month looking for 75:25 cuts to taxes says

 We welcome the potential reduction in overheads, only if that money is ploughed back into supports for local business and not put into central coffers to fix potholes.

and the concern

Another worry is what happens where a business owes money in local authority rates and is then receiving a grant or financial assistance. Will the authority try to grab the finance or just make it more awkward for them?

Curious from the outfit who earlier in the year claimed ‘market failure’ and lack of Government intervention has seen the sector  ‘thrown to the wolves’ due to ‘protracted and late payment’ from clients.


1. Paul - November 26, 2012

Presumably they will also oppose any payment of property tax from welfare payments too then?


2. Ciaran - November 27, 2012

Seriously, why is ISME afforded any credibility? They do nothing for their members, and their macroeconomic prescriptions seem designed only to ensure that the customers of SME’s are unable to buy their wares.


3. Miriam Cotton - November 27, 2012

Small business are seen as the enemy of large corporations – mopping up profits that the monopolies believe should belong to them. It’s a funny thing but small business owners themselves rather foolishly buy into rhetoric about public sector workers from ISME leaders which ultimately kills their own businesses. Every budget since 2008 has seen off another swathe of small businesses as the disposable income of welfare recipients and public sector workers is slashed. But hey cheer this on!


Yobbah - November 30, 2012

+1 Miriam. It was with utter bafflement I greeted ISME’s statement that public sector workers had lost their “goodwill.” Why weren’t they seeking public sector workers’ goodwill instead, drum up a bit of custom for themselves?

Sometimes I believe Mark Fielding is a secret member of the WP as discussed in the Shay Cody thread 🙂


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[…] Development (Micro-enterprise and Small Business) Bill – Appears the tantrum over at ISME has paid off and following the scrapping of the CEB, their remit will remain under […]


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