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Local Electoral Area Boundary Committee November 26, 2012

Posted by irishelectionliterature in Uncategorized.

Amidst the last few weeks events you may have missed this, the terms of the Local Electoral Area Boundary Committee 

The Committee will review and make recommendations on local electoral area boundaries in the context of the results of census 2011 and the Action Programme for Effective Local Government published on 16 October 2012.  The Minister has asked the committee to report to him as soon as possible and in any event no later than 31 May 2013.

I had a quick look at the terms and the following should be of benefit to Smaller Parties….. which should benefit the Left and be a Godsend to The Greens and Fianna Fail in Dublin especially.

The number of councillors representing a local electoral area should typically be 7 and not more than 10 or less than 6

Aside from larger LEAs there will also be more Council seats in some areas ,
for instance

The number of members shall be fixed at 63 in Dublin City Council.

Of course it will impact other areas of the country in a different fashion.


1. Blissett - November 26, 2012

Why Dublin needs 183 or so cllr is beyond me I have to say.

I see Cork City is specifically excluded from terms of reference. I take it from that the Dept Env are very pessimistic about chances of Cork City and County Council coming to an agreement about the long overdue expansion of city boundaries


PaddyM - November 26, 2012

Why Dublin needs 183 or so cllr is beyond me I have to say.

At a fact-based level, Ireland currently has the second-highest number of population per councillor in the EU and will pass out Britain to take first place once Big Phil has finished wielding the axe. (Manchester City Council, with about the same population as the core Dublin City, has 99 councillors.)

At a more cynical level, extra councillors and larger electoral areas in Dublin give Labour candidates more of a chance of sneaking in on the later counts.


2. Jim Monaghan - November 26, 2012

Where does this fit in with teh reduction of Local Authorities.


irishelectionliterature - November 26, 2012

It does mention the merger “of Limerick City and Limerick County, North Tipperary and South Tipperary, Waterford City and Waterford County ”
It alludes to the scrapping of the Town and Borough Councils too by giving an extra council seat to places that had a Town Council and four extra council seats for places that had a Borough Council.


3. Ian - November 26, 2012

I don’t fully understand this.

The action plan for effective local government has not been implemented into law.

Therefore the commission is drawing up reccomendations based on reccomendations


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