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The CLR Political Quiz … Number 11 … The Answers November 30, 2012

Posted by irishelectionliterature in CLR Political Quiz.

1. Who released an album “Third Adolescence”
Dan Boyle

2. Who was the first woman to become Lord Mayor of Dublin?
Kathleen Clarke (widow of Tom Clarke)

3. Which candidate used the slogan “Understands our past, believes in our future” ?
Gay Mitchell

4. What Party published a paper called ‘Unfree Citizen’?
Peoples Democracy

5. ‘The Planning Reform Party” have fielded which candidate in General and By Elections?
Noel O’Gara

6. ‘GANG’ were a faction in the Green Party in the mid 80s that eventually split from the party. What did the initials ‘GANG’ stand for?
Green Action Now Group

7. Which former Presidential candidate was related by Marriage to one the group “The Dubliners”?
Patrick McCartan. He ran as an Independent in the 1945 Presidential Election. His daughter Deirdre married Ronnie Drew.

8. How many different Party logos did The Progressive Democrats use from 1987 to 2007?

9. Who is the only Nobel Peace Prize winner who served as a TD?
Sean McBride

10. Finally, whats unusual about this flyer?
Noel O’Flynn didn’t actually stand in the election.


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