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This weekend I’ll mostly be listening to… Kwes. December 1, 2012

Posted by WorldbyStorm in This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

Something contemporary, and here’s a solo artist /producer working in the electronica/pop crossover area, Kwes. . So far he’s released a couple of EP’s, one last year and the other this year – and the latter tellingly on the Warp label. The first one was all instrumental, the second has him singing as well on three of the four tracks. It’s great stuff, the most obvious reference point – but by no means the only one – being Boards of Canada at their warmest and most speedy.

In interview he quotes Brian Wilson and Robert Wyatt as influences (it may be me, but I also hear Toro Y Moi, not so much as an influence as a reference), and I think the latter is quite evident in the tricksy melody lines and the wavering vocals – particularly on Bashful (Wyatt’s work on United Kingdoms by Ultramarine springs to mind.)

There’s the sense here, and one can hear it on a lot of the contemporary Warp roster these days that it would take just the slightest push to move it into explicitly pop, and commercial, territory – The Hundred in the Hands are a particularly obvious example of this dynamic. Or perhaps he’s already arrived. But where the latter leave me a little cold Kwes. seems to work a lot better.

I’d love to hear a number of the tracks remixed and extended, particularly the instrumental ‘In & Out the UK’ but all highly impressive to my ears.

In & Out The UK

No Need to Run




1. Dr.Nightdub - December 3, 2012

Totally off-topic, but I have to gush about this and this seemed the most appropriate thread. If Sly & Robbie live long enough to come back to Dublin, just go see them, OK? They played Whelans tonight and left the whole place just slack-jawed and smiling. Featuring Ernest Ranglin on guitar, this was an evening of consummate and almost effortless musicianship, dub with the ghost of King Tubby hovering over the whole gig and what a joy for once to go see a band that’s older than me. Lyrics? Who needs ’em – unless it’s Sinead O’Connor coming on stage to sing “Rivers of Babylon”. And as if all that wasn’t enough, then they go and throw in a cheeky sample of some Boyzone song or other. Enjoy the vid.


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