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The CLR Political Quiz Number 12 … The Answers December 7, 2012

Posted by irishelectionliterature in CLR Political Quiz.

1. In the 1989 European Elections what party did Dermot Guy stand for?
Sinn Fein

2. Who delivered Charles Haugheys Graveside Oration?
Bertie Ahern

3. Who was Co-Opted to replace Proinsias De Rossa when he resigned his MEP seat when in Democratic Left?
Des Geraghty

4. How many seats did Libertas win in the 2009 European Elections?
1 in France

5. What party site does the url http://www.ripoff.ie redirect you to?

6. What party would you associate The group ‘the Campaign against the Pay Deal’ with?

7. How many seats did the SLP win in Dublin in the 1979 Local Elections?

8. Who wrote the novel ‘Acts of Subversion’ ?
Liz McManus

9. What TD had “For a New Politics” as his election slogan?
Mick Wallace

10.Who is this?
Former Fine Gael TD Tom O’Donnell


1. WorldbyStorm - December 7, 2012

Tom O’Donnell, of course! Couldn’t remember but he was very familiar…


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