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SOCIALIST VOICE from the CPOI – December issue now out… December 10, 2012

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The December issue of Socialist Voice is now available. You can view it on-line, or download it from here.

From the lead article:

The central question facing our people is the massive debt, at present (depending on how you calculate it)
between 180 and 220 per cent of GDP.
It simply cannot be paid. The best the Irish state can get will be an extension of the repayment time.

Table of contents

A vicious anti-people budget [EMC]

A united union taking a stand

Austerity is both stupid and cruel [COM]

Understanding the crisis, and putting the system on trial—Part 3 [NL]

Anglo: not our debt [PD]

Shocking revelations about blacklisting

Privatisation does not equal efficiency [KC]

An economic analysis of neo-liberalism [KC]

General strikes: An effective means to an end? [NC]

Spaniards spot EU-German con job [TMS]

International Meeting of Communist Parties in Beirut

What if Cuba discovers oil? [RN]

Irish socialist republicanism, 1909–1936 [TR]

Stalin’s purges


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