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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week December 16, 2012

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

Rushed for time this week, so can’t indulge in outrage at the rubbish being talked about how great Eoin MacNeill and the other free staters were in their use of violence in the same articles effectively denouncing Pearse as some sort of psychopath. Guess which two are responsible for that. Instead, just the following to show how some people still can’t escape from attacking public sector workers for something that has nothing to do with them.

The resentment of those – snug and smug – in their well-paid, pensionable, expenses- laden jobs, for the person who dares to “get above themself” and strike out on their own, is obvious as small businesses and the self-employed continue to plummet down the poverty line while the increments (pay rises) and allowances (see Irish Pictorial Weekly) of the Croke Park deal are defended no matter what the cost to justice and equity. The well-educated, entrepreneurial “working poor” may not come from a “particularly disadvantaged group” but the discrimination with which they are treated in this country ensures that their children will

I’ve really no insight into what sort of thought process can produce a paragraph like this, possibly because it is total nonsense.


1. ejh - December 16, 2012

Do you know, I worked in the public sector for many years and I never once heard any resentment of the self-employed (my present status) as a group. Not once.

Other way round, it’s rife.


WorldbyStorm - December 16, 2012

+1 File under… they’re just making stuff up.


2. Michael Carley - December 16, 2012

I thought about putting a prediction in a sealed envelope, and Harris has not disappointed me: no public inquiry on the Finucane murder.

This is special though:

Michael McDowell’s moving film The Lost Boy revealed that, in 1922, Eoin MacNeill put aside his private anger at the killing of his son Brian so as to protect the fragile Free State.

The Lost Boy revealed that the Irish Free State was no slouch in using state terror. Eoin MacNeill and the Free State cabinet crushed the IRA by shooting 77 prisoners. One of them was his own son, Brian MacNeill, shot after he had surrendered.

So MacNeill `put aside his private anger’ at the backfire from his own policy of murdering prisoners. Most noble.


WorldbyStorm - December 16, 2012

What’s strange/telling/predictable about EH is he simply can’t seem to appreciate the enormous contradictions in his own stance. Don’t upset the apple cart in the North for fear of ‘sectarianism’ but yet the paper he writes for and the columns he writes have in their own way been profoundly destabilising over the years and have never held back from getting the boot into SF, the SDLP on occasion, anyone who dealt with the former etc etc.


3. smiffy - December 16, 2012

“I’ve really no insight into what sort of thought process can produce a paragraph like this, possibly because it is total nonsense.”

Possibly the kind of thought process that relies on Irish Pictorial Weekly for its knowledge of public sector conditions of employment.

As Michael Carley says, Harris’ piece is special, not just about MacNeill, but also for his appalling “I’m not saying that Michael Finucane deserved to be murdered, but …”.


WorldbyStorm - December 16, 2012

It trips so close to that as to be near enough indistinguishable. There’s another point too. Trying to map British state collusion – which is now admitted with Irish state ‘moral collusion’ over extradition won’t wash.


4. RosencrantzisDead - December 16, 2012

One would think that the Sindo would be keen to expose whether a group of public sector workers had conspired with a vicious gang to murder a self-employed professional.

Very curious.


Ramzi Nohra - December 16, 2012

nice one
Similar to how Dudley-Edwards was keen to take the word of an ex-IRA man (o’callaghan) over that of senior police officers (eg Sir John Stevens) as to whether Finucane was an IRA member


5. Backhand - December 16, 2012

If you scroll to the bottom, it’s bylined “Eoghan Harri”. Any relation to Johann?


WorldbyStorm - December 16, 2012

I’ve a rake of jokes I could make about the comparison… but probably best not. Great find Backhand.


6. doctorfive - December 16, 2012

Profile of Clare Daly in the Sunday Times. Comes out of it quite well despite the authors best efforts. Few quotes from Joe also.


WorldbyStorm - December 16, 2012

Is this online doctorfive?


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