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From Spain: 7th January January 9, 2013

Posted by WorldbyStorm in From Spain.

Here’s ejh’s latest missive from Spain, it’s an analysis, or perhaps dissection would be a better term, of business and political corruption in Spain and elsewhere in Europe and how that is impacted, and impacts, on the current financial crisis. It’s great, but sobering.


1. ejh - January 13, 2013

This week: Digging In. Alternative economics at a time of mass unemployment.


2. Rot Peter der Affe - January 13, 2013

Happy gardening – I kind of miss our garden back in Ireland. Balcony cultivation isn’t quite the same.

How are you for water in summer? That’s the key.

What you say chimes with what I’ve heard from Greeks about their relations and friends in the country bartering food for services and urban gardens starting up.

Trouble is, it only works for those with a patch of ground to cultivate unless you are prepared to squat wasteland.


ejh - January 13, 2013

How are you for water in summer? That’s the key.

Good – there’s a connection to the water supply. Otherwise we couldn’t grow a thing.


3. Rot Peter der Affe - January 13, 2013

There’s a really interesting piece over on the Irish Left Review about the Mareas and their relationship to public sector trades unions.

This chimes with something I heard from a ver.di shop steward. She said that one of the best ways to campaign for better wages in old peoples homes to to persuade the users of the services (i.e. the residents and their children and relations) that a living wage leads to better care.

In Merkels market-compliant democracy (Frau Dr. M’s own coinage) there is no minimum wage and piss-poor wages like €5.50 an hour a common in the sector.


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