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Welcome Herman January 10, 2013

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1. WorldbyStorm - January 10, 2013

Well, knowing them… 😦


doctorfive - January 10, 2013

the millstones were acquired after a competitive tendering process


2. Rot Peter der Affe - January 10, 2013

In this ape’s present place of economic exile, the
Irish government’s one-trick-pony economic policy of
facilitating tax avoidance is coming increasingly
under scrutiny.

Die Zeit has a piece on the discrepancies in corporate
tax rates here
where they rate the effective corporate tax rate at
14.4% and note that other jurisdictions want to get in
on the patent scam.

The ‘Double Irish in a Dutch sandwich’ aka the
‘Bermuda Triangle’ plays a prominent part in an
article on European ‘Taxdumping’ in general here.

But the best article comes from the popular computer
magazine Heise which has a somewhat left-leaning
journalistic cadre. In a piece entitled roughly
“Irish EU-Presidency will continue to be characterized
by neo-liberalism” they note the agressive IDA
advertising of Ireland as a tax-haven within the EU,
the catastrophic official unemployment rate and
the forced emigration.

But the best quotation is:

[Under the Irish EU presidency]… the
Irish-German way will further weaken Europe. The
disastrous race for the lowest taxes, the cheapest
social provision and the lowest wages doesn’t just
damage those on low and middle incomes. Longer term
it damages the economy and enterprises – through ever
shrinking domestic economies and ever greater
dependence on foreign markets…


Rot Peter der Affe - January 10, 2013

I forgot to link the Heise Online article: here it is.


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