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From Spain: January 13 January 14, 2013

Posted by WorldbyStorm in From Spain.

As ejh says: This week: Digging In. Alternative economics at a time of mass unemployment.


1. yourcousin - January 16, 2013

I think one of the more progressive things to develop over the last few years has been revival of the homesteading movement here in the states. I can’t really think of another instance of this kind of thing short of what ejh talks about or indeed Cuba when shit went bad there. Though I certainly have my critiques of the foodie and local food movement as a whole I think it contains some pretty common sense stuff especially as a positive turn, not just when normal food chains collapse.

I would recommend folks who are having space issues/water/soil quality issues to check out a site by two brothers called global buckets. They have some interesting ideas for growing food with some five gallons buckets. As my soil quality is fairly poor in my garden and I haven’t had the time to start a compost pile and don’t have the desire to pay for something that is all around me I’ll be trying out their system this year after a disappointing season last year.


2. ejh - January 20, 2013

This week: Not saving, but drowning. The current black-money scandal involving the PP government – and the cant of “competitiveness”.


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