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Eamonn Gilmore ‘refuses to be spooked by the results of any individual opinion poll’. Well good for him.. January 29, 2013

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Economy, Irish Politics, The Left.

…what, however, of the results of successive polls over the past year?


Across last year the LP has seen it’s levels vary in RedC/SBP polls between 14 per cent (Jan), 16 (March 1), 14 (March 2), 14 (April), 13 (May 1), 15 (May 2), 15 (June), 14 (Sept), 13 (Oct), 14 (December). And as can be seen across the year, with a short respite in early March (and perhaps one in December though so minimal as to be hardly worth noting). Now it’s at 11.

A look at the handy graph provided above will leave most with the not unreasonable conclusion that overall the trend has been a downward one. Particularly when measured against the high of Election 2011.


1. Roger Cole - January 29, 2013

Our branch canvassed Sallynoggin in the heart of Dun Laoghaire before the childrens referendum. The results were not good then either


2. Jonathan - January 29, 2013

Why should he be spooked? It’s not like he or any of the other Labour ministers care about re-election…


Tawdy - January 29, 2013

Therin lies the rub, almost like ff before the last election. Why should he care, It`s all over for him and a lot of the labour front bench.


WorldbyStorm - January 29, 2013

Jesus, that’s a grim analysis.


3. anarchaeologist - January 29, 2013

Over in Dublin SC Eric Byrne and Michael Conaghan didn’t turn up last night to a meeting organised in Rialto in their honour. Whatever about Conaghan, I can’t see Eric back in the next time ’round… When we get a leaflet drop from the LP at all, it tends to come in the middle of the night.


WorldbyStorm - January 29, 2013

It’s very quiet down our way too. Got a leaflet in the other day for their local MEP and that’s been about it in ages. That can’t be a good sign.


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