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Joe McCann 1972 and the HET January 29, 2013

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Politics, Northern Ireland, The Left.

From An Phoblacht… many thanks to the person who forwarded this.


1. Florrie O'Donoghue - January 30, 2013

Looking at that iconic photograph of McCann at Inglis’ bakery, the reality of the fact that – when shot down in his home city at just twenty-four years of age – the man was already considered an experienced veteran of the conflict. Very sad.

Just looking over his wiki page which states (unsourced) that representatives from the Workers Party, IRSP and Provisional Sinn Féin were all in attendance at a plaque unveiling to the man in 1997 which, if true, is some small good.

Is mise srl.,


Ciarán - January 30, 2013

At the 40th anniversary commemoration last year there were people from the Workers Party, IRSP, Sinn Féin, éirígí, ORM, and I think the CP too in attendance.

It’s interesting that the An Phoblacht piece put Official IRA in inverted commas.


Florrie O'Donoghue - January 30, 2013

It is interesting. What do you make of it?
The equivalent of “army”?

Re your first paragraph, good to read of all those organisations (or people who are members of those organisations) showing up to pay their respects. Cheers.

Is mise srl.,


Ciarán - January 31, 2013

It’s probably that they consider their (P)IRA to be the only IRA, and so the other IRAs will be in commas or have ‘so-called’ before them.


Ed - January 31, 2013

In his autobiography, Adams always refers to the Official IRA as the ‘Officials’; you’d think it would be enough to just say the Officials without calling them the IRA, but he has to get the inverted commas in there to ram the point home.


Ramzi Nohra - January 31, 2013

yes that makes sense. The tone of the article was not particularly critical of mccann or his organisation though


2. Forbolg - January 31, 2013

So easy to be smart arse decades later. I regarded him as a hero at the time and nothing since has changed my mind.


Jack Jameson - January 31, 2013

As Ramzi suggests, I didn’t see anything smart-arse in the article. Partisan, yes; smart-arse, no.


3. Ghandi - January 31, 2013

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