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From 1969 advice on ‘Behaviour at Dances’ and ‘Modesty’ February 2, 2013

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From a 1969 booklet that I had, ‘Loving and Living’ by Angela MacNamara, some advice on ‘Behaviour at Dances’ and ‘Modesty’.




1. Branno's ultra-left t-shirt - February 2, 2013

As true today as it was then.


2. irishelectionliterature - February 2, 2013

Indeed, there’s a lot more good advice in the booklet


WorldbyStorm - February 3, 2013

More please IEL, that is a brilliant find. There’s more than one of us around here who was alive then and yet it seems a million years ago…


FergusD - February 4, 2013

Well I thought the first three paragraphs were fine!


3. Tomboktu - February 3, 2013

Conversation during dances is very difficult nowadays due to over-amplification of the band.

You can say that again nowadays.



irishelectionliterature - February 3, 2013

‘Causing Sin In Others’ and ‘Masturbation’ are next so!


4. doctorfive - February 3, 2013

see also


We have a word of entreaty, advice and instruction, to speak to our flocks on a very grave subject. There is danger of losing the name which the chivalrous honour of Irish boys and the Christian reserve of Irish maidens had won for Ireland. If our people part with the character that gave rise to that name, we lose with it much of our national strength, and still more of the high rank we have held in the Kingdom of Christ.

Purity is strength, and purity and faith go together. Both virtues are in danger these times, but purity is more directly assailed than faith. The danger comes from pictures and papers and drink. It comes more from the keeping of improper company than from any other cause; and there is no worse fomenter of this great evil than the dancing hall.

We know too well the fruit of these halls all over the country. It is nothing new, alas, to find Irish girls now and then brought to shame, and retiring to the refuge of institutions or the dens of great cities. But dancing halls, more especially, in the general uncontrol of recent years, have deplorably aggravated the ruin of virtue due to ordinary human weakness. They have brought many a good, innocent girl into sin, shame and scandal, and set her unwary feet on the road that leads to perdition.

Given a few frivolous young people in a locality and a few careless parents, and the agents of the wicked one will come there to do the rest, once a dance is announced without proper control. They may lower or destroy the moral tone of the whole countryside.




5. From 1969 “Pregnant -But Unmarried” and “She Will Be Alone” « The Cedar Lounge Revolution - February 8, 2013

[…] week I posted some advice on ‘Behaviour at Dances’ and ‘Modesty’ from a 1969 booklet that I had, ‘Loving and Living’ by Angela MacNamara. This week something […]


6. corkfeminista - February 8, 2013

Reblogged this on Cork Feminista and commented:
No need to wonder where slut shaming comes from!


WorldbyStorm - February 8, 2013



7. CL - February 8, 2013

Where is Father Hardon, S.J., when he is needed. Fr Hardon, S.J., the anti-concupiscence campaigner from Chicago, was featured regularly in The Hibernian.


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