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Bits and pieces… February 9, 2013

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I always liked Buffy, found it smart and fun and I’ve been rewatching it from the start over thnow and have sort of synchronised with Angel. I’m amazed how well it holds up still. I saw most of it when it first came out and haven’t seen it since, and I’ve rarely enjoyed television so much. Anyhow, here’s a curiosity which I only saw recently, the 25 minute unaired pilot. Different Willow, interesting how the actor who played her would have developed, but much else that is the same – though the more elaborate Library would have been a treat.

Meanwhile, did anyone else catch Secret State – the update of A Very British Coup.

Entertaining, but not great and in places downright… well… I want to be kind given its provenance (Chris Mullin is a lucky lucky man to get two adaptations from one book). There’s Gabriel Byrne playing a British PM (and with an accent of intriguingly unknown origin) surrounded by conspiracy, or who knows what, and if it’s all a bit predictable, red shirts are done away with abandon, well, so be it. There are some nice touches and it looks spot on from the Cabinet room to the place Byrne as Prime Minister gives press conferences. But it can’t quite decide if it is political drama, comedy, thriller or some combination of all three, and therefore falls between all those stools.

In a way it was telling how this is avowedly non-party political. Was Byrne’s government Labour or Tory? We can’t tell. And perhaps that was the point – though somehow it makes the stakes oddly enough seem lower. But in that it lacks the transgressive quality of the original where the PM was defiantly Labour and left Labour too. And then there’s the point that in his closing speech Byrne references a list of woes, banks, etc, etc, and then the… er… ‘unions’. Huh? So, A Very British Coup it ain’t.

The following is where Marty Willson-Piper of the Church proves he should have a show on music, or something…

And this. You’d never know with a Guardian spoof competition on posters to dissuade migrants from Britain, it could go one of any number of ways, but some of these were kind of funny.

And to conclude for now, the poll tax riots came up in discussion recently. So check out this from mises.org, a libertarian right view on the issue… interestingly they weren’t happy with it either, though not – perhaps predictably – for the reasons most of us would find fault with it.


1. Branno's ultra-left t-shirt - February 9, 2013

‘State of Security’ wasn’t a patch on ‘A Very British Coup’- have to laugh at this though-


2. yourcousin - February 9, 2013

Been enjoying the first season of Hell on Wheels on netflix, maybe it’s the fact that my kid loves trains and I’m forced to deal with them. Everything from Tomas to actual train yards. Which are enjoyable but a little nerdy, there is seriously a very dedicated clique of people who are dedicated to old trains, well dressed (in bibs), but still a little too keen for the layman such as myself. That being said the dynamics at play in the first season of the show are interesting.


cl - February 9, 2013


3. doctorfive - February 9, 2013
4. doctorfive - February 10, 2013
WorldbyStorm - February 10, 2013

So cool. :). Brilliant find, doctorfive


5. EWI - February 10, 2013

I didn’t get the ‘Buffy’ thing until being in a student digs with Sky One as the default exposed me to it. Great dialogue writing, and clever juxtaposition of supernatural issues with teenager ones (up until the superfluous seventh season), a device that all the cash-ins have missed.

Ad the great ensemble cast covered for a meh lead (SMG).


6. Tomboktu - February 10, 2013

BBC Radio 4’s The Food Programme is made for a UK listernship, so they don’t dwell on Simon Coveney or the Irish Food Safety Authority. However, given the Irish authorities’ role in discovering an investiagting the presence of high levels of horse meat in products labeled as beef, they do get a mention.

This morning’s programme (available to listen here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01qhd0r ) has some uncomfortable probing for Simon Coveney. His consistent line that it is not a food safety issue that horse DNA has been found in the beef products, just a labeling problem has been shot to pieces, and although the BBC does not try to hold him to account, they do make it clear that he called the “solution” (that Poland is the source) far too early.


CL - February 10, 2013

Collateral damage from the Celtic Tiger:
“Hundreds of unwanted horses are being rounded up and sold into the food chain using false paperwork.”


7. Tomboktu - February 10, 2013
8. Classic Checks - April 8, 2013

If you only have one streamer to fish in Maine, hard to argue with the Grey Ghost.

) The trunk does look straighter thought doesn’t it?
Set to Matrix metering with Face Priority and Active D-Lighting
turned on, the V1 captured a natural looking B&W shot of
a otherwise high contrast scene. “We Canadians live in a blind spot about our identity.

Thanks for the tip Mark….I am now running Yakju 4.02 with baseband UGLA4.


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